HiLois: App Marketing for a Senior Social Network

An old man is alone, looking mournfully into the distance. Similarily, HiLois was alone, in need of app marketing.

Problem: Understanding the Market

A University of Cincinnati Tech Accelerator needed help with app marketing. They created a social network app for seniors, but the UC Tech Accelerator did not understand their market. They needed to find potential customers and devise strategies to reach them. 

An image showing how HiLois works. This image is an example of app marketing.

Solution: App Marketing

We found their ideal customers through in-depth research. Furthermore, using the research, we made an ongoing content marketing plan to build and familiarize the app within its market. 

 An older woman is with a nurse, cooing at a image sent through HiLois by one of her family members.

Results: Increased Awareness

As a result, the team has significantly increased awareness with users, successfully launching a beta roll out of the app to Google and Apple stores. Most noteworthy, HiLois is now an official app in the stores.

See the work.

Margee and Gina collaborated on this project.