BigOrange.Marketing Startup Ecosystem Services

Here’s an overview of our startup marketing services.

The Challenge

Time and money are scarce. You have great ideas and want to make a differnece. But it’s tough to know the right problems to solve or the best features to build. Let alone what to charge.

As a startup, you need reliable information to choose the best path forward. Plus once you know your path, it’s important to reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

Why BigOrange.Marketing?

We’re a team of seasoned marketing pros. We excel at learning your products, understanding your customers’ wants and needs and developing actionable insights and marketing plans. We know what it takes to reach your buyers digitally and meaningfully, so that your ideas flourish, your sales blossom and your impact grows.

It’s time to go big.

Customer Discovery Services

  • Get completely clear about your customers and the market with:
  • Target market segmentation and research
  • User persona development
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer interviews and insights
  • Value proposition refinement
  • Market assessment
  • Competitive analysis

Market Validation

  • Test before you invest. Find out if your product/service has a market before you spend serious time and money.
  • Market assessment including industry trends, size and growth rate
  • Customer identification
  • Qualitative consumer research and insights
  • Actionable results interpretations 

Digital Marketing Strategy and Outsourced Marketing

Our multi-month plans build your marketing foundations and increase engagement.

We share what you know with your customers to build a relationship and generate leads.

  • Go-to-market strategic plans and product launch foundations for commercialization
  • Project management support
  • Websites, SEO copy
  • Content, social media management and digital marketing strategy
  • Content Calendar Workshops
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • PR and outreach
  • CRM and customer engagement platform (Intercom) management
  • Sales enablement
  • AdWords/Facebook and other paid tactics
  • KPI and analytics measurement 
  • HubSpot marketing automation integration

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