5 MSP Content Marketing Trends for 2023

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Great MSP content marketing takes creativity, planning and a little luck. The fact that you and your company made it to the end of 2022 is a testament to your ability to roll with the punches. There’s no telling what the new year could bring, and it’s best to prepare your company for getting out in front with content marketing

Prepare for economic stress and uncertainty. Keeping up with the news lately may feel like riding a roller coaster while you already have the flu. Still, it’s wise to keep up with the role the economy will play in your ability to hire and hold on to your top talent. After all, when it’s your livelihood, ignorance is not always bliss. Read below about five MSP content marketing strategies for 2023 we are forecasting.

1. Watch the Dollars 

 With the uncertainties of the future economy, management will continue to scrutinize the marketing budget. It’s essential not just ​to ​create​ content but also to demonstrate ROI. ​​Content only ​has value in the context of ​marketing channels. Understand how marketing channels use ​your content and try to co-own key marketing metrics with other marketing functions. Show your value-add to management. It may be helpful to outsource creative content help. (Lucky for you, we know a few folks who’d be happy to help!)

2. Robot Brains and Our Behavior

We predict that content marketing in 2023 will see these two trends: the growth of artificial intelligence and the emergence of behavioral science. AI will work through data to quickly determine who to target and where/when to find those audiences. Behavioral science will help create content in a brain-receptive way, increasing engagement and response. 

3. Strength in Numbers 

We think MSP content marketing will be stronger when it’s part of a creative team effort. There’s a lot of content online, but it’s not all relevant or interesting. The macroeconomic environment in 2023 will push marketers to cut ad spending, choose their campaigns more carefully and invest more in owned content instead of ads. These factors will create increased competition for attention, reducing reach and response for all content marketers except the ones who use the crown jewel of marketing: great creative work.

In the past, companies have viewed creative content as a cost center, with investments in tech, ad platforms and in all other areas of marketing. We predict that will change in the next year because creative work is the essence of differentiation and a key driver of revenue and profit. Content marketing leaders will get back in touch with their creative roots in 2023.

4. Video Is King 

Speaking of MSP content marketing ideas, if you haven’t been making different types of videos to promote your goods and services, it’s time to begin. We’re talking about short videos like TikTok or Instagram reels, live videos for Facebook and longer videos for Linkedin and YouTube. Variety is a good thing and it’s something MSP content marketing agencies excel at. Using videos with employees’ faces and voices can help lead viewers to feel trust and familiarity with your company.

Many social media sites are pushing videos, using video-first algorithms to compete with each other. Start the year off right by using this opportunity to grow your social influence.

5. Evergreen Can Be Red Hot   

Look to use more evergreen marketing content. MSP content marketing teams should be thinking about aligning their funnels with SEO efforts and consolidating content. Instead of concentrating so much on the top of your funnel, think about the middle, where you might strike lead generation gold. Look at your content retention programs for existing or lapsed clients: What are you doing to delight them? Evergreen content never gets old and can be used repeatedly. 

Bonus MSP Content Marketing Prediction

Content must lead – not aid – campaigns in 2023. Clients and marketers are now seeing the importance of a solid content strategy, from content marketing to optimized interior website pages. Content will claim its rightful place as the audience-serving campaign hub, and digital marketing strategies will be built to branch off from, not simply link to, those strategic content pieces. 

Big Orange Marketing wishes you a happy new year. If you’re resolved to make better use of content in 2023, call us today. Let’s bring your vision to life! 

Noah Jones

Noah Jones

Noah Jones is an award-winning journalist, videographer and podcaster. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2015 and has worked in marketing since 2020. He has worked with BigOrange Marketing since 2022.

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