3 Reasons to Participate in Best Places to Work Awards

3 Reasons to Participate in Best Places to Work Awards

Applying for a best places to work award might seem a little presumptuous or braggy, but there are some tangible benefits. At BigOrange Marketing, we often encourage our clients to participate to help build their brand (internally and externally), increase their SEO and boost their hiring efforts. 

Build Your Brand (Internally and Externally)

By participating in a best places to work awards contest you are building your company’s brand. Most contests require employee surveys to rank the company’s culture, leadership, communication, pay, benefits and diversity. This provides some great insight into your employees’ thoughts about your brand. If you win (or are even a runner up or honorable mention), you can have an internal celebration to thank employees for their honest feedback. Externally, you can leverage it on your website, social media and by sending out an official press release

Increase Your SEO 

An often-missed benefit to applying for these awards is the potential for increased SEO. By getting your logo, company story and a backlink to your website, you can increase your website visits. It’s an easy way to capture a backlink, which can also help your overall domain authority. 

Boost Hiring

The last, and maybe most obvious, reason is in the recruitment and hiring process. Sharing these awards with potential employees leaves a positive impression on them. It could even be the tipping point if they are considering two companies. Another hidden benefit is employee retention. If you know you’re already working at the best place, why would you consider leaving?

Best Places to Work Awards to Apply for

Now that we’ve convinced you that these types of awards are worth the effort, let us provide a few awards to apply for. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a starting point. Each award has its own requirements, deadlines and some require a fee. 

The Business Journals

There are local chapters of the Business Journals in most major cities. Most have best places to work awards, among others, that are easy to find and apply for.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work offers several awards for companies and individuals including World’s Best Workplace, Best Workspace for Parents, Best Workspace for Millennials, Best Workspace for Women and Best Small & Medium Workspaces. 


Based on employee-feedback Glassdoor has an annual Best Place to Work award.

Inspiring Workplaces

A global awards company, Inspiring Workplaces has awards for multiple countries for companies, leaders, technology and engagement. 

Top Workplaces

Top Workplace awards are available in areas of DE&I Practices, Employee Appreciation, Employee Well-Being, Professional Development and Woman-Led.


On a quarterly basis, Comparably recognizes companies with a variety of Best Places to Work Awards. 

Start Applying

Which award to apply for is going to depend on your company’s size, industry and goals. If selecting an award and doing the application process seems overwhelming, BigOrange Marketing can help. Schedule a free consultation with a digital strategist to get your company in on best places to work awards.

Emelia Pitlick

Emelia Pitlick

With more than 15 years of experience in technical and manufacturing marketing, Emelia has a passion for designing digital and inbound marketing plans that drive results. She serves as BigOrange's Director of Project Management, providing strategic direction for the firm's growing number of clients.

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