BrightLocal Update: Top 5 Tips We Learned About Google My Business and Rankings

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As a digital inbound marketing firm, we’re always looking for ways to help clients rank higher in Google searches. Recently, we attended the Bright Local Fundraiser Webinar for Ukraine and gained lots of insight on Google My Business and how it impacts your Google rankings. We heard some familiar tidbits but also some helpful new insights. Read on for the top five tips on Google My Business.

1. Photos Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words

We knew photos were an important part of introducing  businesses to their potential customers but we didn’t realize how much Google loves them. Google ranks your Google My Business (GMB) images and swaps them out to evaluate and test which images work better: You never know what image will be shown first so it’s important you choose all good images. This also means you should steer clear of stock photos. If your business offers services rather than products, choose photos of real staff and staff with clients.

2. Word of Mouth Is Still a Great Marketing Tool

There is so much more to Google reviews than just receiving them. It’s important to respond to reviews in a timely manner. A new tidbit is capturing your Google reviews and posting them on socials, in marketing emails and even displaying them on your website.  

3. Services vs. Products: What’s the Story?

One of the most significant things we learned from the Bright Local GMB Webinar was that services listed on your GMB profile do not affect your SEO rank. Products however do affect your SEO rank. Spend more time filling out products and add everything you can. Don’t sell products? No problem. List your services as products. You can include a photo and a link back to your website when filling out product descriptions. 

4. It Never Hurts to Ask

Answering questions on your GMB profile is a lot like responding to reviews. It’s a great way to interact with customers. You should also consider submitting and answering your own questions to your GMB profile as it can act as a FAQ page. 

5. The Bigger Picture

By now you probably know that Google is a powerhouse when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Because of this, you should be treating your Google My Business page as your homepage. Keep it organized, up to date and user-friendly so your potential customers can find the answers to their questions. Regularly upload posts and photos. Adding in content like this on a consistent basis will absolutely help your SEO rank.

More Tips on Google My Business

We believe GMB is so important that we devoted a webinar to helping you make the most of the service. Check out the replay here. And if you’d like more help with any facet of digital marketing, we’d be happy to discuss your options. Reach out today for a free consultation.

Caroline Gose

Caroline Gose

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