Cincinnati Manufacturer Website Grabs Attention

A new year with a new look: Automated Machine Systems, Inc., a trusted provider of plastic parts assembly and leak testing systems, recently worked with BigOrange Marketing to launch a new website.  The Cincinnati manufacturer website showcases AMS’s core competencies in automating manufacturing. Through the new site, visitors can browse and learn more about the company’s proven methods and success.

Automated Machine Systems, Inc. (AMS) is a Cincinnati-based company that provides manufacturing automation systems in the medical, plastic processing, consumer and transportation industries. AMS is constantly striving to excel and maximize client satisfaction through deep application knowledge, experience and a proven 17-step process.

“I’m excited about our new website messaging,” said AMS founder and CEO, Guy O’Gara. “We are focusing on our customers’ need for application and process control information. We will continue to produce technical data by providing product literature, process white papers, informative blog posts and machine videos. It’s less about us and more about helping our customers answer their toughest automation questions.”

In its early years, Automated Machine Systems concentrated on a variety of projects involving semi-automated systems. After continuously growing in size and expertise, AMS sharpened its focus to proficiently executing its core competencies.

“The need for automation has greatly increased in our daily lives and businesses have begun to recognize that need as a key to success,” said Vice President and General Manager Chris Edwall. “With demands constantly increasing and timelines shrinking, AMS has established itself as a valuable and reliable partner for manufacturers.”

Fresh Look for Cincinnati Manufacturer Website

The new website also features a fresh approach to AMS’s business offerings from leak testing systems to ultrasonic plastic welding solutions and more. Along with clear communication of their core competencies and industries served, viewers can get a holistic view of manufacturing automation and why they do what they do. AMS “carries the ball 24/7” by providing excellent communication and responsiveness to its business partners to ensure project success.

Visit the new website at Is your website ready for a facelift? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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