How You and GLTAAC Grants Can Help Struggling Manufacturers

GLTAAC grantsSmall manufacturing companies seem to always be taking a hit, but the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC) is working to alleviate their pain. As imports continue to hurt local manufacturers, GLTAAC grants bring back their competitive edge, along with profits and longevity.

GLTAAC’s Record and Experience

GLTAAC has worked for nearly 40 years to help small manufacturing companies regain their competitive edge within the global market. The center oversees the Great Lakes region of the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF), a grant that gives manufacturers in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio help where they need it most.

As part of the Economic Growth Institute of the University of Michigan, GLTAAC maintains and implements short- and long-term goals for each company. They provide customized plans for each manufacturer’s individualized needs, helping with their current competitiveness and enabling long-term success through a variety of potential projects. They’ve aided countless companies and could help yours next.

Flexibility for Perfect Funding

What’s the secret that enables GLTAAC to offer success to small and mid-sized manufacturing companies? They ditch “one size fits all” funding to instead provide personalized, custom solutions based on how each manufacturer can regain its competitive edge. What this means is the center helps in a variety of services and understands that each unique business has unique needs.

A company goes through three phases with GLTAAC: qualify, plan and implement. GLTAAC first checks that a manufacturer qualifies based on how imports have affected the manufacturer’s sales and staff. Next comes planning, where GLTAAC works with companies to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses. Part of this planning involves assessing where the companies can improve to become competitive manufacturers once again. The final step is implementing this growth plan. During this implementation, businesses receive grants up to $75,000 to carry out their personalized recovery plans.

GLTAAC’s assessment pinpoints where that funding can best be utilized. Options include a plethora of services like marketing and sales, manufacturing and management. Previous successful projects included talent acquisition, sales development, productivity and internet marketing. This is where we at BigOrange have come into play and helped with digital marketing.

Referring a Manufacturer for GLTAAC Grants

Do you know of a manufacturer located in Ohio, Indiana or Michigan that is struggling from foreign competition or in growth mode and needing assistance? You can refer them to GLTAAC so they can help compete against foreign manufacturing.

Reach out to Jani Hatchett, the GLTAAC grants project manager. She can help determine if a manufacturing company qualifies for the TAAF funds. You can call her at (743) 998-6227 or schedule a conversation here. From there, GLTAAC handles the rest.

Let GLTAAC help you compete and win.

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