BigOrange Marketing has an exciting micro-internship opportunity which will be featured at HOMEARAMA 2020 in Cinncinati.

Instagram Station Homearama 2020

We are looking for an Instagram Station (Public Art, Sculpture, 3D Structure) for the Walworth Junction site at HOMEARAMA 2020 in October of 2020. This will be a paid internship project that is also an impressive resume builder for students or someone starting their career. This artwork can be permanent or semi-permanent to live for 2 weeks of the HOMEARAMA show at the park shown below in the flyer at the site of Walworth Junction in Cinncinati, OH. We are looking for something positive, uplifting about our City or Hearth and Home. The HOMEARAMA show is an annual Cincinnati institution showcasing the latest trends in building and design. This year’s show will be the first-ever in the City of Cincinnati and an urban environment! Also, there will be amazing city and river views, plus 100% LEED green construction.

We can schedule tours for the intern to visit the site to get ideas for the project.

Required: We will need the HOMEARAMA HBA committee to make the final decision of which artwork is the winner.

Goals: unique, photo-worthy, attractive, something to promote HOMEARAMA 2020, fits with the surroundings, makes sense in its space. 

Audience: The HOMEARAMA show appeals to Cincinnati people who love homes and design. This year with the urban location at Walworth Junction, we are seeking to attract the younger Millennial and Gen Z audiences. This Instagram Station will help be part of the appeal to that audience. Tens of thousands of people attend the show each year and will see the show. 

Underlying Themes: Growth, Change, Hope

Parts of the environment to draw from: river, Cincinnati skyline, new developments, history of the location

Need: 3D, a sculpture (any form of sculpture should work)

Design submitted by: August 31, 2020 at Midnight 

Winner Announced by: September 4, 2020  

Completion: This should be able to be built from September 7th to October 1st, meaning, completed within 3 weeks. 

To Submit: Email a complete outline of the Instagram Station idea, no more than 3 pages, to, including a detailed image description, rough drafts of images, necessary materials, inspiration/POV of the piece, your thoughts behind it, your name and all the members of your team who will build it with you (if applicable), and the timeline on how you can build it in three weeks.

Budget: $500 for materials. We also have a landscape firm that can landscape around it given time unless you want to include landscaping as part of the project. 

Payment: $12.50/hour for up to 80 hours. This is also a great resume builder, winner of the HOMEARAMA Cincinnati Instagram Station.  

Ideas: #cincy or #cincylove in lights like 2020 in Times Square Below, Train themed for Walworth Junction, Walworth Junction logo as art. 

Instagram Station Example 1: Sing the Queen City.
Image of sculpture in downtown Cincinnati – inspiration for sculpture for HOMEARAMA 2020, embracive of the city, good for pictures.
Instagram Station Example #2: 2020 Lights in NYC. 
This may be a more affordable type of Instagram station made of metal and lights.
Picture of the park where the sculpture will go