BigOrange Marketing Publishes How-To Guide for IT Services Companies

how-to guide for IT service companies

BigOrange Marketing has created a book sharing top tips for IT services companies and managed service providers (MSPs) looking to pull away from the pack.

Squeeze the Day, a new book written by the BigOrange Marketing team, offers juicy resources and 21 MSP marketing ideas and best practices to help IT service companies. The tips offered cover search engine optimization, thriving on social media, with paid media, setting goals, improving companies’ rankings on Google, getting free publicity for IT services and best practices for podcasting.

“We wanted to craft a book that made MSP marketing simplified and manageable,” Margee Moore, founder and chief executive officer of the Ohio female-owned inbound marketing agency said. “We have experience helping IT services companies grow, so we’re confident these tips and tricks can result in real success for clients.”

The book discusses ways to tell stories authentically using a website checklist, listing questions to steer readers along as they embark on the storytelling process. As certified StoryBrand guides, Moore and the BigOrange Marketing team are advocates for this approach to message clarification for their MSP marketing clients. 

“Just like sunlight and water to a plant, a solid marketing plan is essential for growth,” says co-author Janice Weiser, chief content officer for BigOrange Marketing. “We know that to be most effective, marketing plans for MSPs have to be comprehensive and filled with the best ingredients. We hope this book inspires managed service providers to grow and thrive.”

BigOrange Marketing has helped dozens of companies win millions of dollars in business. Learn more about the MSP marketing services at

The BigOrange author team for the book includes Brittany Eaton, Paula Rae Forastiero, Caroline Gose, Maria Marotta, Margee Moore, Emelia Pitlick, Janice Weiser and Gina Young.

BigOrange Marketing is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has employees across the United States. This agency was founded in 2017.

Noah Jones

Noah Jones

Noah Jones is an award-winning journalist, videographer and podcaster. He graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2015 and has worked in marketing since 2020. He has worked with BigOrange Marketing since 2022.

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