HubSpot Survey Shows the Benefits of Remote Work

HubSpot Survey Shows the Benefits of Remote Work

Over time, the image of what “going to work” looks like has certainly evolved, but in 2020 that change has been accelerated more than anyone could have imagined. As part of the culture at BigOrange, we believe it is imperative that our team, made of up all women, be able to invest in their professional endeavors as well as their personal lives: Working remotely has been built into our core values. But for some companies, remote work is new. Now’s a good time to pause and recognize some of the benefits of remote work.

Focusing on What Matters

HubSpot recently released its 2020 Remote Work Report, which surveyed thousands of full-time non-HubSpot remote workers across the globe. One of the most striking results was that 60 percent of those surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that being a remote employee allows them to bring their best self to work. As we think about the end goal for companies and employees, building a future that provides a more inclusive future of work will reap rewards for both. Increased productivity, cost savings and the ability to engage a particular part of the workforce that was not possible prior to the acceptance of remote work are just three of the stand-out benefits. 

More Belonging

Another survey finding showed that 48 percent of those surveyed agree or strongly agree that they have a stronger sense of belonging within their team or company when everyone works remotely. In many ways, it has leveled the playing field by not bringing attention to those employees who aren’t physically present due to being remote. Prior to the pandemic, if you were one of only a few working remotely, it was suspected that people were raising questions about why. When most of the company is working from home, those questions and assumptions are less common.

Consider the Opportunities

Obviously, the pandemic has challenged everyone to think about what work means. At BigOrange, we continue to work efficiently, effectively and bring clients work that matters from multiple locations, some in our new office and some from home offices. Now is a great time to reflect on the year of the pandemic and consider how this opportunity creates possibility for your company. For example, are there ways to create efficiencies, recruit different employees or use technology services in a way you haven’t before? We have the potential to rewrite the narrative of what “going to work” looks like and means to so many.

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