Merit Relies on Best MSP Marketing Company for Site Refresh

Best MSP Marketing Company

With a fresh and lively user experience, the new Merit Technologies website now offers visitors a clear and direct message: their IT support is relationship-focused and personally invested in your success. This newly designed South Carolina MSP StoryBrand website, created by an industry-best MSP marketing company, allows visitors to easily browse and learn more about the benefits, possibilities and implementation timeline of Merit’s available IT services.

Merit Technologies, a managed IT services provider with locations in both Carolinas and Georgia, serves clients in financial, healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, construction and engineering, and other small to medium businesses throughout the surrounding metropolitan areas. Merit offers ongoing managed IT services, co-managed IT services, IT consulting and strategy, cyber security and cloud services. The company also provides IT compliance and HIPAA, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, software development, EHS safety management and SmartBiz Data Center services.

Merit chose BigOrange Marketing to design and develop its new MSP marketing website. The goal of the site was to showcase how working with the Merit team can be an enjoyable experience. The company wants its clients to experience IT stress relief and encourages collaboration with an engaged IT partner, not just another vendor.

The Merit family includes dedicated innovators and dynamic IT experts who have a passion for technology and provide support and cyber security services to clients in multiple industries. Top-notch IT services and putting businesses on the path to new growth are Merit’s top priorities.

Highlights of South Carolina MSP StoryBrand Website

The new South Carolina MSP StoryBrand website also portrays Merit’s three-step approach to managed IT services. Through talking with experts, discovering true IT service and knowing your company is in good hands, Merit is able to do what they do best: understand clients’ organizations so the Merit team can provide the right infrastructure to meet each client’s goals. 

The newly updated website explains that Merit knows “that when you have an issue with critical technology, cyber security or even everyday software, you need help fast. More than that, you deserve a managed or co-managed  IT service partner that doesn’t just put out IT and cyber security fires, but actively prevents them. A partner that cares enough to help you be more efficient, productive and profitable.”

The team steps in to not only keep businesses running smoothly and securely but with creating business-first plans and strategies that help clients leverage technology for growth. 

Recently lauded as a best MSP marketing company, BigOrange Marketing provided the StoryBrand web strategy, design and original content. See the new website at

Looking for the Best MSP Marketing Company?

We hope you’ll take advantage of our proven experience with IT service companies. Our team has won millions of dollars in business for our clients. If you would like your MSP to stand out with a fresh, converting website, contact us.

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