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In order to stay competitive, you have to have more than a few marketing tricks up your sleeve. There are an abundance of strategies perfect for managed service providers (MSPs) to get leads and grow. We’re bringing you our MSP marketing tools that we have seen earn our clients leads. 

CRM Platforms

Customer relationship management (CRM)  platforms like HubSpot, are a great way to not only keep track of your leads but to nurture them. Using a CRM will help you manage tasks like email drip campaigns, social media, closing deals and more. 

Taking Advantage of AI Like ChatGPT

Posting content consistently, whether it’s social media posts, blogs or downloadable guides, is essential to getting your business out there and showing Google that you are a credible business worthy of being ranked well on the search results page. AI content tools like ChatGPT are an easy way to support your content marketing. Knowing how to sprinkle your keywords throughout the copy and keep the piece interesting is an important task. ChatGPT is perfect for when your content team is having a hard time finding a place to start, forming an outline for content or just feeling a bit overwhelmed with work. 

Social Posting Platforms

As mentioned above, posting consistently on social media is an integral part of a content marketing strategy for MSPs. Social posting platforms like Buffer or HubSpot make the consistency part a breeze. By connecting your social channels to the platform, you are able to load up your posts for the month and schedule them and the platform will post them for you. No more forgetting to post or getting behind. Write social posts in advance and let the platform take care of the rest. 

Google Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of marketing for any business and is a large part of the services we provide for our clients. If you know anything about SEO, especially for U.S. based companies, Google is the main search engine that you should focus on ranking for. There are several things you can do to support your Google ranking and even boost it. The main idea is to show Google you are a credible, valuable business that provides good service. Setting up, posting on and receiving reviews on your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is vital to improving your Google ranking. To monitor how your business and its online presence is doing, specifically on Google, you should be looking at Google Analytics. This platform can show you what users are searching for and finding your business’s listing under. It also shows where your views and engagements are coming from: If people are searching specifically for your business or if they reached your listing via a link on social media, another website or an email. 

Take Advantage of MSP Marketing Tools with Help from BigOrange Marketing

We are a group of professional digital marketing strategists and content creators, and have years of experience with CRM platforms and SEO management. If you’d like some help taking advantage of these and other marketing tools, book an appointment with us and we’ll discuss your goals for your business.

Caroline Gose

Caroline Gose

Caroline is a Digital Marketing Copywriter and Content Creator. She has a passion for writing and using her creativity in every aspect of her roles at BigOrange Marketing.

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