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While it may seem daunting at first, hosting a webinar doesn’t have to be complicated or overly time-consuming, and it can be an effective addition to MSP marketing. Use a platform like Crowdcast or Microsoft Teams to host MSP webinars. Keep it short to retain audience interest, but leave time at the end for questions. You can incentivize attendees to stay engaged by pulling names for a giveaway at the tail end of your presentation. 

Practice your webinar with a colleague and, if possible, have someone else on hand to keep track of any incoming questions from attendees. Publicize your seminar on LinkedIn and through your MSP’s email newsletter to clients and potential customers. Be sure to record your webinar, so that you can start to build a library of resources. Your salespeople can send links to the webinars to prospects, which reinforces your MSP’s role as thought leaders and quality service providers.

Not sure what topic to address in a webinar? We outline a few ideas in our MSP Marketing Resource.

Get Personal 

A major purpose of hosting a webinar is to share real life experience on a topic. Sharing personal stories and experiences with the audience not only engages them but makes it easy for them to imagine themselves in the same environment with the same successes. Your stories share information that they can’t find anywhere else. 

It almost goes without saying, but when hosting a webinar it’s important to be punctual. Starting the presentation on time makes it so you can end on time as well. Don’t go more than a few minutes past the scheduled stop time, as your audience most likely only allotted a certain amount of time in their schedule. Log in to your webinar platform early to make sure things are running smoothly. 

It’s important to practice your presentation whether you are confident or a bit shaky. Practice the verbal presentation with a colleague to get feedback on grammar and the delivery. Then take the time you need to practice the technical parts of the presentation like sharing your screen or playing a video. 

Add Attendees

You may be pretty comfortable and confident with the suggestions above but your main concern is attracting an audience. The main purpose of a webinar is to reach as many interested people as possible. Building a hefty audience comes down to a few things: Choosing a relevant topic to talk about is going to be the major attraction. Choose not only something you are well-versed in but a topic people care about and want to learn more about. 

Once you have your topic you’ll need to promote your webinar. After all, how can people want to join your presentation if they don’t know about it? Social media and email are the best ways to reach your specific audience. Keep your registration process simple and free. Don’t forget you can also use your webinar to promote your organization in the future. By recording your webinar you can post it on your website and social media so it’s available to anyone who visits them. This is a great way to show potential clients and stakeholders your engagement and success. 

Want to find more ways to market your MSP? Head over to our MSP Marketing Resource.

Ideas for MSP Webinars

Not sure what topic to address in an MSP webinar? Think about the types of questions your salespeople or customer service people answer most often. Addressing those questions will provide your audience with value. Once you have your webinar scheduled, contact us. We’d be happy to tune in!

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