Squeeze the Day Webinar Series: 7 Easy Steps to a Killer Content Marketing Plan That Generates Leads

Webinar Replay: 7 Easy Steps to a Killer Content Marketing Plan That Generates Leads

Join us on Thursday, August 20th at 12:00PM ET for our Squeeze the Day Webinar Series!

You know that content is a great way to build a connection with your audience, but how do you create a plan that is manageable and doesn't suck your time?

We lay out the 7 easy steps that help you:

  • Define your audience
  • Leverage your most profitable keywords
  • Align your team around the strategy
  • Create the plan and run with it

All of this in 20 minutes guaranteed to entertain. Get your content marketing plan questions answered throughout the webinar. Plus, we'll be giving away a Starbucks gift card at the closing poll.

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Meet one of Cincinnati's inbound marketing queens. đŸ‘‘ Gina Young is a local web developer, designer, content marketer and HubSpot pro. She has a unique education and background that combines computer science, marketing communications and design. As a partner to BigOrange Marketing, Gina is responsible for our client's branding, website design, development and optimization needs. Grab a chair and ask Gina about how she learned multiple programming languages and built her first website at the age of 13. She's launched 30+ high performing websites and marketing programs since.

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