Gina Young, Chief Technical Officer

Gina Young CTO

Marketing is crowded and changing. What am I supposed to do? I can help you with that!

šŸ‘‹ I'm Gina Young. My digital marketing and social media background is in technology, manufacturing and government programs.

You could call me the mother of organic website and social media growth. I am a digital pioneer and can do nearly every type of marketing need. But should I right now? Or ever again? Probably not.

Moms and marketers both have a neverending to-do list and it can be completely exhausting to not have support or get to enough things you need to do. And, I don't feel like my voice is as represented or heard in this industry as it should be.

The more I can let go of some of these things weighing on me and instead support and empower others, the better I feel. Just like in parenting and recovering from career burnout before I had kids and knew any better.

When your 9-5 firm needs a better website or digital marketing support, you can count on me to provide an amazing experience. That means research, design, development, content creation, CRM automation and using all of this to build a community of trust.

I'm here sharing the journey of letting go as an agency co-founder, CTO and mom to two very young children. My career goal right now is to be compassionate, kind and myself to help you get the right stuff done and have fun. šŸ«¶