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Today, people are skim readers. If your website “offer” or the copy “above the fold” doesn’t grab them immediately in an aspirational way, you’ve lost them.

In Donald Miller's book, Building a Story Brand, he shares many great StoryBrand examples of "offer" or "hero statements" that sell by focusing on helping the customer be the hero.

If you're interested in making your web copy grab attention, read on.

Hero Statements Simplified

Time and time again, at BigOrange.Marketing, an inbound and digital marketing agency, we see future clients with website copy that starts with belief statements. These statements were popular a few years ago. Or even worse, we sometimes see a website that starts off with a negative statement describing what customers hope to avoid. The good news is, following the principle of helping the customer be the hero can help.

In Building a Story Brand, Miller suggests that the items shared in the "offer" or "hero statement" should be “short, enticing and exclusively customer-centric.” Think of this copy as how you would introduce yourself on a first date.

Remember, too, that people want to know what's in it for them right away. Use a bold and short sentence to convey the message. There are three simple principles to follow. In this article we share StoryBrand examples to illustrate each:

Hero Statement Criteria #1: Promise an Aspirational Identity

At the end of the day, it is people who will buy your product or service. They buy your product or service to solve a problem. Oftentimes those problems appear to be a surface-level external issue, when in fact they go much deeper.

An example of an external problem may be a business owner who worries about missing out on sales because he or she never gets around to marketing the business. The related and deeper internal problem may be:

Do I have what it takes? 

When your brand, service or product can address this deeper issue and give customers something to aspire to, your message will stick. This StoryBrand website example below from the nonprofit Ken Anderson Alliance promises an aspirational goal of a more connected neighborhood.

Hero Statement Criteria #2: Promise to Solve a Problem

Get right to the heart of why your customer is visiting your website in the first place. Your offer or hero statement should talk about the problem you help solve.

Below is a playful and fun StoryBrand method example from our client Intrust  IT.

Hero Statement Criteria #3: State Exactly What You Do

The human brain is always trying to conserve calories.

We are always looking for things that help us survive and thrive. It is important that your website's hero statement focuses on the aspects of your offer that help people do that. If you confuse you lose. Here is an example from SkyTerra Tech that gets right to the heart of a customer's need to feel comfortable with the confusing world of IT. This page is a great StoryBrand website example because the copy centers the customer's business aspirations and goals.

StoryBrand Example Hero Statements

Examples included in the Building a Story Brand book help illustrate this unique messaging strategy. We've compiled a list of 21 StoryBrand examples below to inspire you, and added a few we crafted for clients as well:

  • Be the Leader of the Pack

  • Become the Photographer Everyone Is Jealous Of (We love this one!)

  • Unleash Nutrition and Joy - Stewart Pet Food

  • Feel Good About Your Investment Strategy - Carnegie Investment Counsel

  • Give Your Life’s Memories a Great Backdrop - Seiler’s Landscaping in Cincinnati

  • Don’t Go IT Alone - Intrust IT

  • Find the Luxury Rest You’ve Been Looking For

  • A Yard That Looks Better Than Your Neighbors'

  • Leave a Meaningful Legacy

  • A Meal Everyone Will Remember

  • The Home You’ve Dreamed About

  • A Story to Get Lost In

  • A Healthy Start to Your Day

  • A Hassle-Free MBA You Can Complete After Work

  • A Mobile Fine-Dining Experience in the Environment of Your Choice

  • Helping You Become Everyone’s Favorite Leader

  • Paint That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

  • Pets Deserve to Eat Healthy Food, Too

  • Everybody Deserves to Work for a Great Manager

  • Because This Summer Should Be Remembered Forever

  • If You Are Worried About a Presentation, We Can Help You Hit a Grand Slam

  • We Will Make You a Pro in the Kitchen

Do you have a message that belongs on this list? We'd love to add it to these inspirational StoryBrand examples. Email me at

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