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Do You Want to Start a Podcast But

Eighty percent of podcast listeners listen to all or most of the podcasts they start, making podcasts an ideal medium for savvy entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and connect in new ways. More than 21 million Americans listen to podcasts each week. Are they hearing your voice?

Are you looking for a way to energize your marketing?

Do you want to reach more ideal targets directly?

Would you like to create meaningful content just by talking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, let’s talk about our podcast production services.

Jumping Into Podcast Production Can Feel Intimidating

Podcast production services - jumping into podcasting

We understand that creating a podcast could be falling to the bottom of your to-do list. After all, you work on so many other facets of your business. You can count on BigOrange Marketing for expert podcast production services.

With our experienced podcast team, you get:

  • A creative team and podcast producer with 10 years of experience
  • Social media experts to amplify your voice
  • A StoryBrand certified guide

Five Key Components of Our Services

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Planning for Podcast Strategy and Goals

Starting your podcast with a clear roadmap will ensure consistency and effectiveness.

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Podcast Guest Scheduling

Know who you’d like to talk to? We can schedule guest interviews according to your availability.

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Research and Show Development

We help you plan ahead for each episode and coach you through the recording process.

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Professional Production and Show Notes

Our team completes all post-recording edits and production work to make your message come through loud and clear. We compile show notes complete with SEO keywords. 

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Podcast Marketing Support

Our comprehensive services include two social media posts and a blog post for each episode to lure listeners in.

Recent Customer Reviews on Google

Tatyana Gilliam
Tatyana Gilliam
a month ago
Working at BigOrange has been a great experience! With a wide range of industry knowledge and excellent story branding services, it has been a great learning experience to grow my career. I feel very supported by everyone at the office and love working with our amazing clients.
Keith Coker
Keith Coker
a month ago
it has been a pleasure to go through the onboarding process with Karin and the BigOrange team. Their detailed and structured process made it very productive, and the final website design exceeded my expectations. The entire team is very creative with their content and graphical designs. I look forward to our continued partnership with them handling all of our digital marketing needs.
Brill Assman
Brill Assman
3 months ago
Working with Margee, Emelia, Paula, has been an amazing experience. The entire team at Big Orange was professional, creative, and responsive throughout all our projects. They delivered on their promises and helped us increase our online visibility. It’s been a pleasure working with them!!
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor
3 months ago
I really enjoyed working with the ladies at BOM. The Project Manager I worked closely with, Megan, was a true pro! She listened to my thoughts and transformed them into great written pieces which saved me so much time. She was creative in her language and imagery for our posts and blogs. Paula is a genius, there is no doubt about that! She can solve anything. Margee and Jan, you sure have a great team! I felt very supported and heard throughout the whole implementation process and even after launch. Look forward to staying in touch with your crew in the future. I can’t say enough about my enjoyment while working with you all! 5-stars well earned!
Ashley Ewing
Ashley Ewing
7 months ago
As a freelance writer, BigOrange Marketing contracted my services to work with one of their clients in September 2022. It has been a pleasure working with their staff; the folks at BigOrange Marketing are professional and courteous. The quality of their work is evident and I am impressed with how they care for (and champion!) each of their clients.

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Podcast Production FAQs

How do I know if podcasting is right for us?

Imagine meeting everyone who visits your company’s website for coffee. It would be wonderful to make personal connections and share your ideas, but obviously all those meetings would be impossible. With a podcast, you can create the same kind of informal “meeting” and tell listeners about your latest takes on industry news, new products or big ideas. They’ll get a feel for the human side of your business and be excited to learn something new.

Good podcasts start with great ideas. We help our clients choose a niche and develop a roadmap of topics to create a solid series of interesting episodes.

How does podcasting support marketing?

Podcasting can be an excellent way to reach both current fans of your products or services as well as potential clients and customers. Using podcasts allows your company to show its personality in a new way, beyond blogs and videos.

How often should I publish a podcast?

Of course it’s good to give listeners an expected time to hear new content. The TV Guide exists for a reason, right? But whether you create a weekly or monthly podcast is up to you, your schedule and budget. Remember that having content listeners can find on a consistent basis is important, so choose a schedule and frequency that’s sustainable for you and your organization.

How should I distribute my podcast?

The obvious answer is to use podcast distribution host companies like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts to house your podcast. But there are many ways to get your podcast in front of your audience. Newsletters and your website are also great ways to tell current and potential clients about your podcast.

How do I plan out my podcast creation?

BigOrange Marketing can help you develop a plan to create new content to publish on a recurring basis and help distribute to your audience.

How do I market my podcast?

There are many ways to market a podcast from big campaigns to links at the end of email signatures. BigOrange can help with social media and blog content to promote each episode.

How long should my podcast be?

The average podcast is 36 minutes. There are some podcasts that are five minutes, and some that are multiple hours. Podcast length depends on the subject, genre and target listener. A good rule of thumb is if you are done talking about something midway through, the listener may be ready to stop listening.

Should I do podcast creation myself or hire a podcast creation firm?

Good podcasts take a lot of effort, time and know-how. It’s not impossible to do it alone, but, in general, help from a pro team can get the project moving faster. To get the best results from your podcast, speak with BigOrange about sharing your story with the world.

How much do BigOrange Marketing’s podcast production services cost?

Our startup package of podcast production services includes development of a strategy in a one-hour session for one episode per month. We then develop 12 months of topics with three to four guest options per topic. Our services include scheduling guests, plus research and show development. We can also provide professional production, show notes and podcast marketing support with one blog post and two social media posts per episode.

Startup Podcast Production Service package:

  • Podcast production: $280 per episode
  • Podcast strategy session and calendar planning: $450 one-time fee
  • Post production marketing: $350 per episode