BigOrange Helps Entrepreneurs’ Organization Form Powerful Connections During Cincinnati Conference

EOX Conference in Cincinnati

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization recently held their annual 2022 EO XCentric (EOX) conference in Cincinnati and to call it a success would only be covering the tip of the iceberg. It was a knock-down, drag-out, smash-up success that burst into the Queen City September 19 – 21, and left everyone in attendance feeling enlightened, emboldened and eager to do it all over again in 2023. The powerful connections created through the art of story resonated with the hundreds of EO members in attendance and forged lifelong memories in the Queen City.

Connect With Your Story

Everyone has a story that made them who they are and brought them where they are today. A better theme could not have been chosen for the 2022 EOX conference in Cincinnati, as members from far and wide came out in droves to connect and share their stories with fellow entrepreneurs. The Queen City with its storied history and rich past served as the perfect location for the desired EOX experience.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization chose Cincinnati so that its members could connect with their story and have fun while doing it. The city was the oyster and its wonders were the pearl with tours of the underground railroad, broadway plays, wine and bourbon tastings and old-world museums like Cincinnati Union Terminal, that offered a night of jazz, dancing and entertainment sure to be talked about for many years to come.

Because Who Doesn’t Like to Mix Marketing Strategy with a Little Pickleball?

BigOrange, a social media and paid campaigns digital marketing agency, as well as an active ally of EO Cincinnati, was more than happy to take on the responsibility of strategy and design for the 2022 EOX conference in Cincinnati. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization partnered with BigOrange Marketing for ongoing digital content, strategy and marketing collateral throughout the conference.

Social media was in full swing for EO XCentric during the months leading up to the conference. BigOrange couldn’t be more proud of the level of engagement, likes and follows our posts received while managing the social content for the EO XCentric conference. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization was more than pleased with the results of signage, design and digital content for their 2022 conference and work has already begun with BigOrange on strategy for 2023.

Oh! Not to brag or anything (OK we’re totally bragging), but BigOrange also had the pleasure of being a sponsor of the EOX conference in Cincinnati. We were delighted and proud to offer a free StoryBrand website assessment to anyone that stopped by our booth. We also provided an opportunity to enter to win a free pickleball paddle set, courtesy of Nettie Pickleball Company

Are you ready to collaborate on marketing strategies, collateral and digital content for your event or conference? Connect with BigOrange Marketing by booking an appointment for a non-salesy consultation. 

Brittany D. Eaton

Brittany D. Eaton

Brittany D. Eaton is a content writer, researcher and social media strategist with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the technology industry. Her love of writing goes beyond occupational, as she is also a self-published author who enjoys creatively inspiring children through the art of story. Her debut children’s book, Zippy The Zebra Earns His Stripes is a local favorite and currently available on Amazon. Favorite quote: That's what I do. I write and I know things.

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