What Are the 7 Steps of StoryBrand?

What Are the Seven Steps of StoryBrand

The 7 steps of StoryBrand are designed to create a clear and attention-grabbing narrative that positions the customer as the hero and your brand as the guide. Here are the 7 steps of StoryBrand:

  • A character: Identify the customer as the hero of the story.
  • Has a problem: Outline the problem or challenge the customer faces.
  • And meets a guide: Introduce your brand as the guide who can help.
  • Who gives them a plan: Provide a clear plan that shows how the customer can overcome their problem.
  • And calls them to action: Encourage the customer to take specific actions.
  • That helps them avoid failure: Highlight what the customer stands to lose if they do not follow the plan.
  • And ends in success: Show the positive outcome or success the customer will achieve by following the plan.

    What are examples of a StoryBrand website?

    An example of a StoryBrand website includes the site we created for our client, Internos Group Miami. This website guides the customer through a well-structured narrative with visual elements and a cohesive brand message. It positions the customer as the hero, outlines their problems and presents the brand as the guide offering effective solutions.

    Why is the customer positioned as the hero in the StoryBrand framework?

    In the StoryBrand framework, the customer is positioned as the hero to make the brand message more relatable and personal. This approach helps customers see themselves in the story, understand that the brand recognizes their problems and feel more connected to the brand as a trusted guide to the solution they are looking for.

    Can the StoryBrand framework be applied to any industry?

    Yes, the StoryBrand framework is versatile and can be applied to any industry. Its principles of clear messaging, customer-focused storytelling and structured narrative can benefit businesses in various sectors. We’ve helped all of our clients, from IT to landscaping, get leads by creating compelling and effective marketing strategies with the StoryBrand framework.

    What role does empathy play in the StoryBrand framework?

    Empathy is vital in the StoryBrand framework as it helps brands connect with customers on an emotional and personal level. By understanding and articulating the customer’s specific challenges, the brand demonstrates empathy and effectively positions itself as a compassionate guide ready to help the customer achieve success.

    How can the StoryBrand framework help my business grow?

    By using the proven power of storytelling, the StoryBrand framework fosters meaningful connections with audiences. It helps businesses elevate their brand, attract more clicks on their websites and gain more leads by making their messages more attention-grabbing and memorable. To learn more about how we have utilized this framework for our own brand, schedule a non-sales call with us.

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    What Are the 7 Steps of StoryBrand?

    The 7 steps of StoryBrand are designed to create a clear and attention-grabbing narrative that positions the customer as the hero and your brand as…

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