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BigOrange Marketing Home Builder Marketing Case Study Dayton Homearama 2021

As an agency with a core competency in home builder marketing, BigOrange Marketing understands the language, terms and lead times in the building industry. A local builder recommended BigOrange to the Home Builders Association of Dayton (HBAD) because of their experience providing results-driven marketing support to the Home Builders Association of Cincinnati.

The Problem

The HBAD decided to undertake the first single-site Homearama in Dayton in over a decade. They had builder buy-in, with 10 eager builders jumping on the chance to build at Union Village. They needed BigOrange’s event and builder marketing expertise to encourage the Dayton and Greater Cincinnati community to come back to the show after such a long hiatus.

The Solution

BigOrange utilized a variety of traditional marketing platforms and analytics to promote the event. They leveraged digital, social, print, TV, radio and billboard advertising to emphasize the unique attributes of the homes and location. In order to continue the community’s involvement with the HBAD well after the show, BigOrange provided a new Homearama website and digital email campaign. Here is a breakdown of user engagement in terms of success of the event:

Home builder marketing results
Homearama 2021 home builder marketing results

The Result

The HBAD, builders and developers were pleased with the success of the 2021 Homearama Lifestyle Edition. Over 8,000 unique visitors attended the show from October 2 to 17, 2021. More than 14.1 million impressions were generated across marketing platforms, including print, digital and broadcast media. In total, 34,243 unique visitors were reached on the home show’s website.

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