Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

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Storybrand Website Frequently Asked Questions



A StoryBrand website invites the customer who is coming to our website into a story. And it is their story, not our story and not a story about you or your company. It's a website where you are the guide and the customer is always the hero. So many people today are wasting money on marketing. Their websites are just full of jargon. They're all about themselves and they're not about how they, the company, helps solve the customer's problems.

Digital Content Marketing Frequently Asked Questions



  • Reviewing your current digital presence and competition to understand the impact it has now and can have on your business
  • Setting the right goals and KPIs for marketing and sales from your starting point
  • Making sure your branding and website are customer focused and optimized 
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Using a CRM system for marketing and sales to track progress
  • Forming a team responsible for marketing and dedicating enough of their time here is very important

Marketing and Sales CRM Frequently Asked Questions



A CRM is great for sales and marketing to have, because it provides one point of truth for both sales and marketing to align with each other. Whether for data or transferring marketing qualified leads over to sales qualified leads, a CRM provides one spot for both groups to communicate within.

BigOrange Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

At BigOrange Marketing, we support the renewed American focus on small businesses as the engine for growth. Our services are aimed at helping companies with many technicalities and factors behind winning a new customer. BigOrange Marketing customers are typically a CEO, marketing director or head of business development for an MSP and IT services firm, manufacturing firm, financial services firm or new home construction builder. We offer exclusivity for these industries within a locality, which is appealing to many business owners and key stakeholders.

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