Pet Food Firm: Taking a Bite Out of eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce Case Study with a Pet Food Firm


Problem: Unclear eCommerce Plan

A regional manufacturer of pet products wanted to maximize its reach to customers through ecommerce channels: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Chewy, PetSmart and Petco. However, as with any company, time and money are limited. They wanted to know the most important tactics to provide the highest ROI. Changes in personnel left the team running multiple Amazon tactics, yet they were unable to maximize their spend to the fullest.  

Solution: eCommerce Consulting

Our eCommerce consulting expert, Eric Leuenberger, reviewed the current Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ad spends, product ads, sponsored ads and more. In addition, we reviewed pricing and ad opportunities by Target Cartwheel and Walmart Marketplace Seller.

Results: Streamlined Communication for the Team

BigOrange.Marketing created a complete step-by-step guide of recommended eCommerce tactics in priority order. Also, the eCommerce Consulting Report included the areas where investment was not recommended due to poor return. Additionally, the recommendations included ways to maximize all product pages and examples of best-in-class product pages to emulate.

The Report and guidance delighted the client. The team undertook several of the tactics with complete confidence and are showing strong results. The company has since requested additional consulting and eCommerce training from BigOrange.Marketing.

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