The Anatomy of a Juicy Landing Page

Landing Page Examples

How to Create a Good Landing Page

A landing page is the place a visitor to your website lands after clicking a link in an email or advertisement. It serves a focused purpose. Not sure how to craft a landing page that will grab attention and convert visitors into leads? The following infographic should help. It outlines the essential elements of a landing page, why a call to action is important and much more. We created this handy infographic so you can take your website to the next level, plus we included some of our favorite landing page examples below.

Anatomy of a Juicy Landing Page Examples 2021

Landing Page Examples

Here are some of our favorite landing page examples we created for clients in the past year:


1. Intrust IT’s Cyber Security Makeover Course 

Pay attention to the easy-to-find CTAs throughout the page and the eye-catching graphics showing the videos that clients can view once they “get free access.”


2. Aeko Technology’s Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

Notice the form at the top of the page and the additional content shared about phishing through statistics in the bottom half of the page.

Web Design Managed Off Your Plate

Whether you’re building landing pages or an entirely new website, look to our team of marketing pros, experienced website designers and storytellers for expert guidance. We take the time to understand your customers, then create websites that build credibility and get you leads. We tell your compelling story throughout the site and create juicy landing pages to attract customers.

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