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how to reach your target audience on social media featured

How Do I Build My Social Media Audience?

By Gina Young / March 28, 2024

The truth is, I’m a marketer who builds our social media audience for BigOrange Marketing and many other firms. And my number one challenge is not getting leads and opportunities. It’s finding strategic or creative people who enjoy working with us and helping them learn the big picture. It’s coming around to the idea that…

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social media engagement strategy

What is a Social Media Engagement Strategy for My Business?

By Gina Young / March 14, 2024

I have to admit. For a long time, I let social media be only about sharing content from my website. About the content strategy and plan. But what I was missing was being on the platform and building a community. You’re likely here because know you want to engage more on social media, but where…

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effective social media posts

What Types of Social Media Posts Are Most Effective?

By Gina Young / February 19, 2024

There are a lot of choices and directions you can go in when you look at all the types of social media posts, designs and templates. Templates are great if you make them your own to match your brand and use them regularly to build a stronger brand identity. But what types of social media posts are…

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Why is Social Media Topic Authority Important? Business Social Made Simple

Why Is Social Media Topic Authority Important?

By Gina Young / February 2, 2024

Today’s marketing landscape is crowded. Every industry I can think of is full of firms that have a longer tenure, more capital and resources. Topic authority is the best thing a small-to-mid-sized business can use to differentiate, build trust and develop new business across not only social media, but all digital channels. Let’s briefly talk…

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What Is a Social Media Hook

What Is a Social Media Hook?

By Gina Young / February 1, 2024

I hardly remember anything or even care when I first see it. Yet I keep coming back and checking in and engaging on my social apps each day. Do you feel that way, too? People, businesses and brands that have and use a clear hook on social media are not only more likely to be…

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Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

10 Steps to Ensure Your Inbound Marketing Works: A Citrus-Inspired Guide

By Gina Young / October 5, 2023

In the world of marketing, an effective inbound marketing strategy is like tending to a grove of fruitful orange trees. To help you squeeze the most out of your marketing efforts, we’ve crafted this juicy guide. So, let’s dive into the citrus-inspired world of inbound marketing with these 10 essential steps to ensure your strategy…

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whats best for your website wordpress or hubspot

Is a WordPress or HubSpot Website Best for You?

By Gina Young / January 10, 2023

Are you wondering if a WordPress or HubSpot website is right for you? We’re not going to write another article about “HubSpot vs. WordPress.” We’re not going to tell you our opinion out of the gate. Our roundup of pros and cons with each option are here to help you choose whether WordPress or HubSpot…

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Reasons to build a new website

9 Top Reasons To Build a New Website

By Gina Young / December 17, 2021

Website building is a key pillar of BigOrange Marketing’s offerings to help American businesses convert leads. Our years of experience designing and updating websites put us at an expert level, and we are happy to share our knowledge: The new year and new business opportunities are right around the corner. Your website is the hub…

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MSP Website and Content Marketing Examples Webinar

Webinar Replay: 7 Awesome MSP Story Based Website Examples to Inspire You

By Gina Young / August 4, 2021

Watch the Webinar Replay For 7 MSP Website Examples to Inspire You in 2021 At BigOrange Marketing, we believe in telling your authentic story, simply and clearly. Join us on Thursday August 12th at 11:30AM EST for a webinar on Crowdcast to review of 7 MSP and IT services firm websites that tell stories and will…

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Landing Page Examples

The Anatomy of a Juicy Landing Page

By Gina Young / July 7, 2021

How to Create a Good Landing Page A landing page is the place a visitor to your website lands after clicking a link in an email or advertisement. It serves a focused purpose. Not sure how to craft a landing page that will grab attention and convert visitors into leads? The following infographic should help.…

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