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As someone working in the landscaping industry, you’re well aware of the importance of growth, and not just for your plants. BigOrange Marketing offers landscape marketing services to help our clients in the green industry get leads and grow. 

Here’s how we help landscaping companies achieve and exceed their marketing goals. 

HubSpot CRM: Email Newsletters for Seasonal Services

Do your plans to send out seasonal newsletters keep getting derailed? Or have you spent time crafting the “perfect” email for your clients, only to have it go unnoticed or have a low click-through rate? 

Email newsletters can work hard for you: 

  • Upselling new services to existing clients. 
  • Reaching out to potential clients. 
  • Offering seasonal discounts or campaigns. 
  • Directing people to content on your website, such as blog posts or service pages.

If you’re spending countless hours managing customer data, organizing email lists or struggling to deliver engaging newsletters, it could be time for a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. We recommend HubSpot for our landscape marketing services clients. The tool makes it easy to:

  • Streamline customer data management. With HubSpot (or another CRM) you can consolidate and organize all your customer data in one place. From contact details and preferences to past purchases and service history, everything is at your fingertips to help you succeed.
  • Segment email lists. Sending personalized newsletters to specific customer segments is a proven strategy for boosting engagement and driving conversions.
  • Automate email distribution. Manually sending out newsletters every season can be a huge time sink, when you could be fully focusing on giving your clients the best landscaping experience possible. Our landscaping clients rely on us and a CRM tool to do the heavy lifting. For instance, with HubSpot’s intuitive automation features, we can schedule seasonal newsletters in advance, ensuring they reach customers’ inboxes at precisely the right time.
  • Personalize content and offer actionable insights. By creating personalized emails with beautiful imagery, we help landscapers reach their audiences of current and potential clients. Then, by analyzing the results of emails we can revise content plans to generate more engagement, identify the most active customers and refine future strategies.

Support for Google Review Drives

When you are competing for local customers, like most landscaping companies are, Google reviews can be influential. One of our clients, Seiler’s Landscaping, wanted to get more Google reviews to increase the company’s authority and positive brand image. So, part of the landscape marketing services BigOrange provided included creating a postcard for the work crew to hand out or leave at the door after completing a job. 

The card asked the homeowner to review the crew’s work and encouraged them to mention crew members’ names in their review if they wanted to. The card served as a quick reminder to the homeowner and offered simple instructions for posting a review. As a result of these efforts, Seiler’s Landscaping’s Google reviews increased. Internally, the company was able to reward team members who were mentioned in positive reviews. 

Have Google reviews for your landscaping services flatlined? We can help you obtain more. 

StoryBranded Websites

Do you have a clearly defined mission and story to tell your clients? As a certified StoryBrand Guide, we help create brand stories that engage customers and sell, eliminating messaging and marketing confusion once and for all.

As part of our landscape marketing services, our team recently refreshed Seasons Best Landscaping’s website with StoryBrand language. Now the site gives visitors a clear sense of what the company does and the services they provide.  

We understand implementing StoryBrand yourself can be a challenge. It’s tough to know if you are doing it right. Relying on marketing professionals to take that work off your plate allows you to concentrate on your core business while putting your best foot (and photos) forward online. 

Video Testimonials

Word of mouth is powerful, and today that personal connection often comes in the form of an online review or testimonial. Video testimonials, in particular, are an effective way to engage your target audience. They offer the perfect combination of authenticity, emotional impact, engagement, social proof, storytelling, shareability and versatility. 

By incorporating video testimonials into your marketing efforts, you can enhance your brand’s reputation, connect with your audience and drive conversions. Check out the video testimonial the BigOrange team put together for Seiler’s Landscaping below:

Blogs and Keywords for SEO

You have a clear marketing message and positioning, but how do you draw people to your site? The customer decision process often begins and ends with an online search, so you have to have a well-defined digital content strategy in place. 

Sharing your knowledge and expertise with your audience increases your brand authority and positions you as a source of good information. 

But, how do you get there? 

When we start working with a landscaping client, we first talk to their customers. These discussions give both our team and the landscaping client insight into the customers’ challenges and motivations. Additionally, we analyze the client’s competitors: What’s working for them and why? 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important, so we take the time to identify the most impactful keywords that blog and web copy should include. We then craft an SEO-driven digital content strategy that showcases your services using the words your customers use. We followed this process for The Site Group, and it led to the creation of an ongoing content calendar

Is your landscaping blog up to date, geared toward positioning you as a green industry thought leader and packed with keyword-rich posts? If not, you might be time to invest in landscaping marketing services.    

Social Media Content and Ads

In the right hands, social media marketing can be a powerful tool for getting leads. Our landscaping clients know their social media platforms will reflect their work with a steady cadence of expert content and eye-catching images. Without the help of landscape marketing services, keeping up on social media can feel like a big burden. 

The same is true for Google ads. While managing your own ads can be expensive and confusing, by getting help from marketing pros, you can reach the right people and get a better return on your investment. 

Here are five key components of our social media and paid Google strategy: 

  1. Post: We create social media messages on a regular basis that help your stories, offerings or events stand out.
  2. Modernize: Modern and freshly designed content that includes videos, hashtags and tagging maximizes organic impressions and engagement.
  3. Strategize: A sound strategy for paid campaigns targets your existing clients and ideal customers, and tracks the results.
  4. Target: Retargeting helps you stay out in front of people who have recently visited your website or social channels.
  5. Publish: Email and content support gives your sales team the tools to sell.

Looking for Landscape Marketing Services?

Want to enhance your brand’s online presence? Need some landscape marketing services?

BigOrange Marketing helps dozens of companies win millions of dollars in business while delivering what others just promise. We provide websites and complete outsourced digital marketing plans to help you get found, get results and get your time back. 

Schedule a non-salesy call with our marketing strategists for a better way to get leads and start growing your business today.

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