How Do I Build My Social Media Audience?

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The truth is, I’m a marketer who builds our social media audience for BigOrange Marketing and many other firms. And my number one challenge is not getting leads and opportunities. It’s finding strategic or creative people who enjoy working with us and helping them learn the big picture. It’s coming around to the idea that there are solutions to help us and less labor-intensive ways to grow.

We’re all a work in progress and on a journey. To handle growth, we need to have the right market facts, and fits, operationally be ready for it and not jump straight to new leads and client acquisition being the only purpose or expectation of a marketing investment. There’s also customer marketing, recruiting, training and internal marketing to improve your employee and customer experience. 

Don’t Always Talk Exclusively to the CEO

You know what every CEO has? A team that gets the work done under their vision and insights. The CEO in my own experience and with our customers is often the last to come around.

Great, we’re making yet another budget increase or investment. Something happens and we have an urgent need. If you are not an eCommerce brand, then the same thing applies to your business and industry as mine in digital marketing services for service-based businesses.

The person you’re talking to on social media cares about something more specific to help the business be able to grow or move forward. Something to overcome or something we need to happen for growth and continuity.

People Need to See You When They Need You

Now you’re thinking about this, and what does this have to do with social media? Your target audience must be clear for you to become a magnetic force they will start to notice and connect with. 

Understand Your Customers and Advocates with Active Social Media Profiles 

You’re responsible, aware or curious about the topic of social media. So you’re here, you’re already active on social media and wanting to improve your strategy and plan. We’re the same in that way and live in your shoes. Because of that, we’re relatable.

We know the everyday CEOs many businesses need to reach are not as active on social media. I’m not a fan of going to where I’m not confident, I may be be distracted, and overburdened with uncertainty. Plus, it’s only more cold outreach from sales. I am not going to do it, I need a resource to do it and can’t afford to make a mistake.

The CEO is not our who or why we provide more in-depth learning opportunities about how to reach your social media target audience. Marketers and business development reps are learning how to navigate, make connections and live in the world of social media.

Already have an established audience? Extend your reach with this social media engagement strategy that works.

Create 2-3 Buyer Personas to Make Up Your Social Media Audience

Do you have buyer personas? The CEO may be who we have to sway to buy in. But our real customer champions are active owners who understand why digital marketing and social media are essential, a business development rep or the head of marketing. 

See an example.

Reaching Your Social Media Audience: Back to the Basics

To recap, before you build and grow your business social media presence, you’ll want to:

  • Understand your people and their number one challenge through crafting buyer personas 
  • Write clear and customer-focused messaging for your website and social media profiles 
  • Stick with a consistent topic and content theme that addresses that challenge 
  • Write compelling social media hooks and understand the best types of posts to create
  • Become magnetic and watch as social platforms organically put your content in front of your audience 

Learn a Simple Social Media Strategy that Works

I help [person] overcome [challenge] and achieve [goal]. We help leaders overcome uncertainty about social media for business and grow a community of collaborators, customers and advocates. 

Try our two-time Cincinnati Magazine award-winning social media strategy for yourself. Or ask us about our custom social media consulting services to make sure you’re doing it right. 

Gina Young

Gina Young

Meet the mother of organic website and social media growth. And the Co-Founder and CTO at BigOrange Marketing. Gina helps you get the right stuff done and have fun. 🫶

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how to reach your target audience on social media featured

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