Case Study: Aeko Tech Gets a StoryBrand MSP Website

StoryBrand MSP Website Case Study

Looking for a StoryBrand MSP website refresh? Aeko Tech in Fort Worth Texas was. When it comes to capturing the heart of a business and transforming it into a beautiful website, BigOrange Marketing has plenty of experience. Learn how a Fort Worth MSP is better serving their current and future clients thanks to their new website and ongoing digital marketing support from BigOrange. Watch the video below or read on for the full story.

The Challenge

Aeko Technologies had the tech know-how but lacked marketing expertise. Their website wasn’t attracting enough visitors, and their clients were confused when they tried to navigate it. After doing research to find the top marketing agencies for MSPs, the tech firm chose BigOrange Marketing to take over their marketing and fly their site in a new direction.

The Solution

We started with key stakeholder interviews and creative planning sessions with the Aeko team to provide a site that showcased their brand (hence the airplane references throughout the pages). BigOrange took on the challenge to provide the web strategy, design and original content for the MSP’s new website. Eli Mabli Photography provided the images.


We also did SEO keyword research and came up with a new and improved marketing plan. We encouraged the Aeko leadership to redefine the company’s service area to better target potential customers.

The Results: A Fresh New StoryBrand MSP Website Launch

Aeko’s new website helps the company leverage tech. Current clients have voiced their appreciation for the streamlined appearance and easy access to information.

“This new site illustrates our dedication to creating great partnerships and providing superior customer service for our clients."

Aeko CEO Brain Rodgers

The new website also portrays their passion for enjoying what they do, which includes helping businesses “take flight.” They are proud to be a partner to their clients. The website also provides a platform for the Texas team to share their thought leadership through their Cleared-for-Takeoff Blog and videos. 


BigOrange’s ongoing marketing strategies are working to generate new leads for the tech firm. We continue to provide services for them including SEO strategy, content marketing, social media, sales email sequences and a monthly email newsletter.

StoryBrand MSP Website Help

If you’re looking to polish your image in order to please your clients and attract new ones, we have website designers ready to help. BigOrange Marketing is a Cincinnati-based marketing agency, providing digital expertise services for MSPs from the Lone Star State to the Emerald City. Book an appointment with our marketing pros today.

With more than 15 years of experience in technical and manufacturing marketing, Emelia has a passion for designing digital and inbound marketing plans that drive results. She serves as BigOrange's Director of Project Management, providing strategic direction for the firm's growing number of clients.

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