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Managed Services Providers Security

How Managed Services Providers Can Market Their SOC Services

By Emelia Pitlick / August 25, 2023

If you’re a managed services provider you’ve probably felt the pressure or need to offer a security operations center (SOC) to your product offerings. Whether you’re going to set up an internal SOC, white label a solution or fully outsource your SOC, you need to design a marketing strategy. But first, let’s first understand what…

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IT Nation Secure 2023 Top Takeaways

IT Nation Secure 2023 Top Takeaways

By Emelia Pitlick / July 13, 2023

BigOrange Marketing recently attended Connectwise’s annual cyber security conference in Orlando, Florida. Within this blog we’re recapping our IT Nation Secure 2023 top takeaways, our speaking session on MSP marketing and a sneak peak at IT Nation Connect 2023.  ConnectWise provides software, services and resources for IT MSPs, MSP+, TSPs, VARs and OEDs. They host…

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Google ads for Manufacturing

Get More Bang for Your Buck: Google Ads for Manufacturing Best Practices

By Emelia Pitlick / May 24, 2023

Using Google ads for manufacturing firms is a faster, albeit more expensive, way to drive website traffic and leads, compared to traditional SEO methods. Here are five best practices to get you started with your manufacturing PPC campaign. 1. Select the Right Keywords Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for selecting the right keywords…

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3 Reasons to Participate in Best Places to Work Awards

3 Reasons to Participate in Best Places to Work Awards

By Emelia Pitlick / February 6, 2023

Applying for a best places to work award might seem a little presumptuous or braggy, but there are some tangible benefits. At BigOrange Marketing, we often encourage our clients to participate to help build their brand (internally and externally), increase their SEO and boost their hiring efforts.  Build Your Brand (Internally and Externally) By participating…

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Video Ideas for Manufacturing Marketing

By Emelia Pitlick / November 30, 2022

Manufacturers need to have a robust marketing strategy to be successful,  including website design, SEO, social media, email marketing, events, advertising, sales support, etc. In addition to the usual tactics, manufacturers should consider adding these easy video content ideas into their plans. The sales cycle and sales process is different for manufacturing than other industries…

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Marketing Automation Tactics

5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation

By Emelia Pitlick / October 6, 2022

Self-driving cars are awesome, but they still need an operator to provide an address. Likewise marketing automation is powerful, but requires a thoughtful operator. With the right maintenance and attention, it can turn all your marketing efforts into a well-oiled machine. Here are five ways to scale your business by automating some of your marketing…

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How to Use Hubspot for MSPs

By Emelia Pitlick / September 30, 2022

At BigOrange, we use Hubspot for our own business and for our clients. Hubspot helps us and our clients with several processes that are vital to the way we do business as an MSP marketing agency. One of these processes is acquiring customers through lead generation. Here’s how Hubspot for MSPs (managed service providers) streamlines…

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MSP StoryBrand Website Example Video

Checking In With Internos: MSP StoryBrand Website

By Emelia Pitlick / May 4, 2022

It’s always exciting to visit our clients in-person and immerse ourselves in their office for a day. One of our clients, the IT services firm Internos, is located in the sunny city of Miami, Florida. This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about our client Internos. Their new IT services website was created in 2020…

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Top Marketing Tools MSP Webinar

MSP Webinars: Top Marketing Tool

By Emelia Pitlick / March 24, 2022

While it may seem daunting at first, hosting a webinar doesn’t have to be complicated or overly time-consuming, and it can be an effective addition to MSP marketing. Use a platform like Crowdcast or Microsoft Teams to host MSP webinars. Keep it short to retain audience interest, but leave time at the end for questions.…

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Technology Consultant Website

New StoryBrand Website Highlights Technology Consultant

By Emelia Pitlick / March 18, 2022

Afidence has launched a new StoryBrand website that offers a clear vision of the company’s services and advocacy approach. With a fresh look and streamlined functionality, the site introduces visitors to the company’s core services and syncMETHODOLOGYTM, their proven process for delivering client success. Afidence is an IT advocate and business technology provider serving clients…

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