7 Awesome MSP StoryBrand Examples to Inspire Your New Website

Awesome MSP StoryBrand Examples

7 MSP StoryBrand Examples to Inspire Your Website

BigOrange Marketing is all about capitalizing on the StoryBrand methodology. In these inspiring MSP StoryBrand examples, you will see how researching customer goals and pain points leads to great hero statements.

The StoryBrand methodology is about ensuring that your customers, and not you, are the heroes of your website. It starts with an aspirational image, an inspiring hero statement and a strong subheading that clearly explains what you do to solve your customer’s problems. Plus, a button with a killer call to action, or CTA, is also crucial. Find more StoryBrand inspiration in our MSP Marketing Resource.

In the world of story, we call the headline on a website the “hero statement.” We carefully craft all of our headings and subheadings for our clients so their customers know what they’re getting within five seconds of landing on a page. Here are seven MSP StoryBrand examples for IT services and managed service provider firms.

1. Aeko Technologies

MSP Marketing StoryBrand examples Ft Worth

Our research on IT firms showed that sometimes firms lean too heavily on cyber security at the expense of their business needs. Aeko Technologies, based in Fort Worth, Texas, has a focus on helping businesses be more efficient and grow. They have a business-first approach, using cyber security to boost that mission. “Turbo-charging” is a nod to CEO Brian Rodgers’ passion for all things aviation and flying.

The subheading includes several SEO words including cyber security and Fort Worth IT support. It is important even when doing StoryBrand websites to still follow best SEO practices using your keywords in H1 and H2 titles.

2. Internos Group

MSP Marketing StoryBrand examples Miami

Our research with Internos customers provided insights that technology needs including uptime and security can weigh heavily on business owners. They need a partner they can trust. We know that Internos Group, located in Miami, Florida, has experience shielding companies from a storm of IT issues, so we created a hero statement that captures the feeling that your IT is handled and you have a partner. The use of humor using “IT” for “it” is authentic for this fun and professional Miami MSP. This allows customers to get a taste of the team’s personality.

3. Intrust IT

MSP Marketing StoryBrand examples Cincinnati

Through our research, we found that people’s biggest challenge when it came to technology was having an IT service provider that was non-responsive and did not get back to them in a timely manner. People working with other providers before working with Intrust IT, felt like they were on their own, isolated and alone. For their hero statement, we provided the headline of “Don’t Go IT Alone” for Intrust IT, a Cincinnati IT services firm. This headline highlights their dedication to getting back to clients in a timely manner. Using the “it”/”IT pun demonstrates the key takeaway: That working with Intrust’s Cincinnati IT support team will be enjoyable.

4. SWAT Systems

MSP Marketing StoryBrand examples Seattle

SWAT Systems is based in Seattle, Washington. With tech giant Microsoft right down the street, businesses headquartered in the city have strong growth aspirations, which is why SWAT focuses on growth potential. They are a mature, stable company in a tech-heavy region. They believe that IT shouldn’t hold you back by using up resources or time. Technology and having a Seattle MSP support team should provide a competitive advantage. Their focus on helping businesses grow is clearly demonstrated in their succinct header.

5. TruTechnology

MSP Marketing StoryBrand examples Jacksonville

While we did not create this firm’s website, we met them through a much appreciated response to our email outreach. Their succinct hero statement is also an excellent MSP StoryBrand example and gets straight to the point, explaining the full extent of what they can do for your company in just six words. The statement doesn’t lead with business jargon like “disaster” or “cybersecurity,” but rather starts with the pain that the owner or COO feels. Then they quickly explain how the firm can help businesses succeed. Not only do they offer to put an end to a problem, but they can also help you identify what exactly the problem is.

6. Ripple IT: IT Your Whole Company Will Love

When we came across Ripple IT’s website, we fell in love with their MSP StoryBrand example header. This includes a graphic to add an eye-catching and memorable element to the text. What makes their hero statement valuable is that the rest of their website is able to carry the message forward. They are an Atlanta-based MSP with a focus on making IT calls more accessible for all workers, hence the reference to the “whole company” in the headline. We did not build this website, but appreciate it as a good StoryBrand example.

7. AIS: Take Command of Your Technology

AIS is an MSP based in Indianapolis. They take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to work and giving back to the community. Their hero statement is a great example to share because it acknowledges that the customer owns the technology; AIS can simply help them take command of it. The other pages on their site explain the services offered to assist with that. Their button usage does not follow StoryBrand and offers a less clear call to action to “Get Started” as opposed to a direct call to action like “Book a Virtual Meeting” or other choice.

Need more ideas for how to effectively market your MSP? Jump over to our comprehensive MSP Marketing Resource.

IT Services and MSP StoryBrand Examples Made Simple

If you are looking to apply StoryBrand principles to your IT services or MSP website, we would be happy to provide a 30-minute free website assessment session. We have provided MSP marketing support for several of the firms shown in these examples and would enjoy an opportunity to support you as well. We provide outsourced MSP marketing services in a manner similar to outsourced IT: We can be your complete marketing department. Book a meeting with our team now.

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