9 Top Reasons To Build a New Website

Reasons to build a new website

Website building is a key pillar of BigOrange Marketing’s offerings to help American businesses convert leads. Our years of experience designing and updating websites put us at an expert level, and we are happy to share our knowledge: The new year and new business opportunities are right around the corner.

Your website is the hub of your business. Does it reflect your authentic nature so that people will want to engage with you? Is it built to convert? A website is the most crucial marketing tactic a business can have. Explore nine top reasons to build a new website.

Why Your Site Isn’t Converting Leads

There could be a handful of reasons why it’s time for your business to invest in a new website. Perhaps it’s been a while since you updated your website. A dated website looks unprofessional and fails to build confidence in your business. Studies have found that users will spend about 2.6 seconds scanning your website to find the information they are looking for. Users are looking for a cutting edge provider; if you look unprofessional, they will bounce away. Or perhaps your website isn’t user-friendly. Keep in mind that 57 percent of the buyers’ journey takes place before they reach out to you. That means that people want to do their own research on your website about your team, your processes and your services. If your website lacks this crucial information or isn’t easy to navigate, you’ll never hear from that consumer. Another reason why your site isn’t converting leads could be because the pages aren’t optimized for search. If people can’t find your website when they search on Google or another browser, you have no chance of converting them to leads.

Why You Should Build a New Website

If any of those problems seem like the culprit, it’s time to update your site. There are nine top reasons to build a new website.

Build Credibility

A credible website is like a professional CV or business card; it helps build trust and create a strong first impression. Websites also offer a place to share thought leadership. Update your website with your latest insights to demonstrate your knowledge to consumers. This is an opportunity to get backlinks to your site, which helps build credibility with search engines.

Demonstrate Professional Level Services

Your website should reflect the level of care clients will receive with your services or products. Everything from the tone reflected through your words to the color scheme you use can help demonstrate your professionalism to visitors.

Get Found

An SEO-optimized website will improve your search rank for terms related to your business. Being optimized for these phrases means people will be more likely to find your website when they search for keywords related to you. For example, key phrases for MSP marketing could include managed services, IT provider, cybersecurity services and more.

Show Your Authentic Nature

Potential clients examine the appearance of a site to envision what it would be like to work with you. Your site should use language and images that demonstrate the experience customers will have with your business. You should include pictures of your staff and office(s).

Share Thought Leadership

Your new website will provide a place for you to share insights with prospects and current clients on topics of interest related to your industry. Not only does this build credibility, as aforementioned, but it also provides a place for you to build a “pillar” of thought leadership around each team member as they contribute their thoughts and ideas to blog posts and third-party articles.

Increase Conversions

Besides presenting information, the main goal of a website is to convert visitors into leads. This is achieved through clear, consistent calls to action embedded within the content and displayed in prominent buttons on different pages. Offering downloads on your website helps people learn more about your industry without directly requesting more information about your business. They also provide a convenient start to a possible customer relationship.

Share Your Message

Regardless of industry, you are in the business of problem solving. By following the StoryBrand methodology, you can create a website that clearly shares your message and demonstrates how you will guide people to achieve their goals.

Be Fast

Meet with the boss, talk to clients, pickup the kids, find a tech provider… Your clients have a lot on their plates. If your website lags, they’ll click off. In order to rank on search engine pages, websites need to load quickly and meet Google’s speed requirements.

Leverage Your Brand

As the hub of your business, your website must reflect your brand. By leveraging your website, you can effectively share your brand consistently across all marketing channels, including social media platforms. 

New Website Services

After reading and reflecting on these nine reasons to build a new website, have you decided it’s the right business move to increase leads? Schedule a free website consultation with digital marketing strategist and certified StoryBrand Guide Margee Moore.

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