Case Study: Home Builder Connects with Leads for a New Development

Home Builder Lead Generation Case Study

Problem: Leads Needed for a New Development in Cincinnati

A newly opened luxury housing development presented an opportunity for a home builder to take on new clients. It was critical that the builder gets in front of prospective buyers quickly in a way that supported their brand.

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Solution: Strategic Content Spreads the News

BigOrange Marketing mapped out an 18-month content strategy for sharing information on the new development. We began rolling out content immediately to capture early interest in the brand new development. A landing page on the existing builder website was created to capture leads right away and build credibility. The multi-month content plan includes strategic updates, social media and emails to spread the word and fan the flames.

  • Strategic content plan
  • Landing page that is SEO optimized to help the development be found in Search
  • Monthly content created in a turnkey manner during the client's busy building season
  • Social media plan and management
  • Email marketing
  • PR and press release management
  • CRM management of leads and tracking to support the sales team
  • Photoshoot, videos and collateral are in the works

Results: Leads Managed and Won Through a Team Effort

Blog posts and social media messages led to coverage in the local newspaper and business magazine. Our client became known as the “builder of choice” for the development. Eight potential clients contacted the builder. Within five months of the content roll-out, five clients have made a deposit. The other three have toured the development and expressed serious interest in building. These marketing qualified leads represent $10 million in possible sales for the home builder.

As the outsourced marketing arm for this home builder's marketing efforts, we collaborate closely with sales to ensure that leads were managed and tracked. We meet monthly with the builder in-person to review content plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure success.


The right content at the right time can connect your business to the next big thing. If you’d like to be considered a thought leader, give your business more exposure or spread the word on a new venture, BigOrange Marketing can help you be heard in a strategic and turn key way.

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