Customer Discovery Questions: What Should Your Inbound Digital Marketing Agency Be Asking You?

Customer discovery questions

Why Are Customer Discovery Questions Important?

If you haven’t worked with a marketing agency before, you might not know what to expect in your discovery meeting. A discovery meeting kicks off the agency’s fact-finding process. During this meeting, your agency should ask a series of questions to uncover your needs, challenges and desired results. Your answers help the agency create an insightful, goal-oriented marketing plan.

How to Know You’ve Found the Right Agency

To be successful, your marketing agency needs to work in sync with your internal teams. The agency must have a deep understanding of your core business.Obviously, the search for the right agency is not a hunt to take lightly As you shop around for and meet with potential digital marketing agencies, consider these important questions:

Do you and your company feel like you’re a priority to the digital marketing agency?

Pay attention to how the agency makes you feel. During your initial meeting, did you get to do a fair amount of talking, or were you talked to through a classic sales pitch? If your insights don’t feel valued by the agency, move to the next one.

Do they bring passion to your work?

Your team is passionate about the mission of your business. Your digital marketing agency should be, too. Your partner should be engaged in your work and eager to help with any solutions you need.

Do they show signs of innovation and proactivity?

You want a partner dedicated to finding the best marketing solutions for your business. Being innovative and thinking out of the box can pay off in the best results. Does the agency take part in training and seminars to keep their services at the forefront of the market?

Is there a consistent team at the agency?

There should be a consistent point person you can contact at the digital marketing agency. You should know who on their team is responsible for each part of your project, even if a few of their workers shift responsibilities.

Do they ask the right customer discovery questions?

It’s crucial that your agency knows your business as well as you do. Marketing content is highly personal and needs to accurately tell the story of your brand. You deserve to be happy with the services that your marketing partner is providing.

What Are Good Customer Discovery Questions?

Every agency will utilize different customer discovery questions depending on their services. Some may need to know about your current website in order to improve it. An agency focused on brand development won’t ask questions about your logo or slogan. However, many questions apply regardless of the scope of work. Here are some sample questions you should expect a digital marketing agency to ask of you:

  • Does your company have a converting website that clearly shows what you do and how it benefits the customer?
  • How is your company generating leads today? How many leads come through your website monthly?
  • What are your goals for the coming year? 3 years? 5 years?
  • What are the strengths of your organization?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • Are you using a CRM? Are you open to switching to HubSpot?

Although a good start, this is not a comprehensive list. Our juicy Discovery Questionnaire provides a much more complete list of questions. If you take the time to answer them prior to interviewing potential marketing agencies, your search will be more focused and it will be easier to find the best digital marketing partner for your business.

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