Essential Steps of Marketing a Nonprofit Event

Nonprofit Event Marketing

Are you planning an event for your nonprofit? We have compiled the most important steps into a convenient event marketing timeline for nonprofit organizations. Get a head start on the process so you can enjoy the event without last-minute stress.

24 Weeks Before the Event

  • Define your goals
  • Establish fundraising goals
  • Choose a target audience of attendees
  • Develop a budget

12 Weeks Before the Event

  • Create an event design guide
    • This should include a theme, colors and your logo for promotional materials
  • Book an event space if needed
  • Establish a social media plan
    • Assign a dedicated social media guru
    • Create a posting schedule
    • Designate hashtags to use throughout the event
  • Create a registration page with event management software
  • Set up a dedicated page for the event on Facebook
  • Make a dedicated email campaign
    • Send out a save-the-date email first
    • Automate the process with your registration website or email service provider

6 Weeks Before the Event

  • Send out invitations via snail mail, email and social media
  • Encourage people to register for the event on social media
    • Consider a paid campaign on your most popular platforms
  • Write a blog post about what to expect at the event
    • Include a call to action to register with the event registration link
  • Add an eye-catching registration button on your website
  • Decide how to invite the press
    • Compile a media list
    • Send out a media advisory
  • Order any needed signage for the site
    • This could include banners with your organization’s logo
    • Photo area for social media 
  • Continue your email campaign
  • Book a photographer to capture images at the event
  • Write and send a press release with pertinent details
    • This should go out about two to three weeks before the event
    • Use a press release template from HubSpot
  • Find volunteers to run the event
    • These could be internal workers or require asking the community for volunteers

During the Event

  • Distribute promotional materials as people enter and mingle
    • This could include business cards, pamphlets, flyers, swag
  • Encourage attendees to take pictures and share them on social media with your designated hashtag
  • Post pictures as the event occurs and live-stream
    • Capitalize on short stories

After the Event

  • Share pictures and any fundraising goals reached via email and social media
    • Thank everyone for coming
  • Send photos to the press
  • Encourage attendees to keep sharing their photos online
    • Interact with posts your nonprofit is tagged in
  • Publish a blog post about the event

For more free resources for nonprofit event marketing, explore HubSpot’s dedicated collection.

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