5 Manufacturing StoryBrand Website Examples to Inspire You

Manufacturing StoryBrand Website Examples

BigOrange Marketing is a StoryBrand certified marketing guide, and we apply the StoryBrand methodology to the websites and content we create. One of our many marketing services is crafting lead-generating websites. Our experience with the manufacturing industry stems from our passion for supporting American businesses and all things American-made; we are proud to provide them with manufacturing website services. 

Does your manufacturing website need assistance? Let’s take a look at five manufacturing StoryBrand website examples to inspire you, plus breakdowns of why their “hero” sections work so well.

Website One: Toyota Material Handling (TMH)

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) StoryBrand Website

The hero statement at the very top of the TMH website is “A better way to store and organize goods.” This statement immediately grabs website visitors’ attention; telling them how Toyota’s products make it easier for them to do their job. 

I like this website example because it grabs visitors and would-be customers right away with an understanding of their problems. You can start to craft this kind of straightforward hero statement for your site by asking “What is the problem we solve for our customers?” and “What would are the pain points that we help solve for our customers?”

Thank you to Jessie Congleton, copywriter and StoryBrand Guide, for sharing this website.

Website Two: TOYOTAlift

TOYOTAlift StoryBrand Website

The hero statement on the TOYOTAlift website is “Get forklift issues off your plate.” This statement reinforces the fact that the company allows customers to have fewer issues with their service plans. They solve forklift issues, a pain point that may keep people from completing their goals and doing the work they planned on doing at the beginning of the day. 

The takeaway I would share from this site is that, when creating a website, you should understand your customers’ pain points and how they perceive your company addressing those pain points. Before writing website content, interview your company’s key stakeholders, including your customers. Be sure to ask the top reasons customers choose to work with you and what they like about working with you.

Thank you to Jessie Congleton, copywriter and StoryBrand Guide, for sharing this website.

Website Three: EBY

EBY Truck Bodies StoryBrand Website

Here’s another manufacturing website that offers a clear message. The hero statement on the EBY website is “EBY Truck Bodies,” and the subheading is “All aluminum truck bodies that help turn your hard work into profit.” This wording demonstrates that EBY understands that profitability weighs heavily on business owners. They believe that hardworking professionals deserve a hardworking truck, which can make or break their bottom line. 

Relatable messages like this one show site visitors and potential customers that your business cares about the challenges people face. It demonstrates once again the power of interviewing your customers to understand their pain points and what they want to accomplish. This deeper understanding can help you show how your products can help customers reach larger goals, such as profitability.

Thank you to StoryBrand Guide George Costello, for sharing this website. He is the founder/CEO of the Costello Creative Group.

Website Four: Rooftop Equipment, Inc.

Rooftop Equipment Inc. StoryBrand Website

The hero statement on the Rooftop Equipment website is “Fail-Proof Tools for Roofing Adhesives & Coatings.” The statement demonstrates that winning that next job is a goal for many businesses. On the other hand, failure of products can hold you back from good reviews and happy customers. The best products can be a part of helping you win more work and provide excellent results for your clients. The best roofers deserve the most effective tools for their job. 

The StoryBrand takeaway here is to keep language simple. Remember that when you confuse, you lose. Are there places on your current website where you could remove jargon and talk about how you help customers achieve their goals instead? Does your website paint a picture of what success looks like when working with you?

Website Five: Automated Machine Systems, Inc. (AMS)

AMS StoryBrand Manufacturing Website

The hero statement on the AMS website is “Discover a Refreshingly Transparent Approach to Automation.” The statement speaks to an overarching pain point: Customers are often frustrated when they don’t get regular communications on their projects. AMS works with customers using a transparent visual project management process. Right away, a visitor to the AMS site will feel understood and be intrigued by this uncommon approach. 

My takeaway from this website is to identify your key difference. What makes your business different from your sea of competitors? Can you boil that down to one thing? Can you leverage how your difference addresses a common customer frustration, and spell it out right away in a headline? My team and I provided the messaging, website build and ongoing marketing support for AMS.

Action Steps 

There are several key sections to a StoryBrand website. Here are your five action steps to create these components:

  1. Start with the customer. Interview your customers to gain real insights.
  2. Leverage personas. Distill insights into personas to get everyone on the same page.
  3. The customer is the hero. Share how you understand and solve their problems.
  4. Identify how unique you are from the pack. Brainstorm as a team what makes you unique. Or hire people like us who do this every day.
  5. Simplify. If you confuse, you lose. So simplify, scan for jargon and replace with an understanding of customers’ pain points.

Looking for Manufacturing Website Services?

We recommend clicking the link above to review the AMS website for a starting point. To simplify the process of creating a website, check out the StoryBrand Checklist to evaluate your website. You can also outsource the process to an agency that specializes in manufacturing website services. We hope these five manufacturing StoryBrand website examples inspired you to examine your own website. If you are interested in a free website consultation, please contact me.

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