StoryBrand Website Checklist: Does Your Website Pass The Test?

StoryBrand Website Checklist Graphic

Not sure if your website is conveying a clear message about what your business has to offer? As a StoryBrand certified partner, we have created a StoryBrand Website Checklist to determine what you’ve got right and what you’re missing.

StoryBrand Website Header Checklist

Your website visitors and potential customers should be able to figure out what you’re offering them in the first two seconds of visiting your website. It’s important that this information is clear, easy to see and encourages your visitors to become customers. This is what we call the grunt test. Could a caveman view your website and know what you are selling, how it benefits him and how does he buy it?

Call To Action Checklist

Your website is not the place for subtlety. What you want your visitors to do should be obvious and easy to do. There should be buttons with links to your Call To Action whether it’s scheduling a call, booking an appointment, or buying a product. For the customers that aren’t quite ready to take a big step yet, you should have a smaller offer available for them like a free video, a downloadable checklist or ebook.

Value Proposition Checklist

The value in what you have to offer should be clearly communicated. You should be answering your customer’s questions before they have a chance to ask them. Do this by using language that might come up in the buying process, and providing information that will answer expected questions. Icons and symbols that bring attention to your statements and messages are very important. You want your site to be easy to scan over but still getting the message across that your business can make their life easier.

1,2,3 Plan Checklist

When it is time for your customer to take out their wallet, there can be hesitation. To take away friction, we break down what we want customers to do next into three simple steps.

Loss Avoidance Checklist

If you’ve communicated how great your product or service is effectively, then your potential customer should be thinking about what they might be missing out on if they decide not to do business with you. The risk of not working with you should be made known. Make sure you’re providing a reminder on what they will be missing out on if they fail to do business with you.

Footer Checklist

Make sure your Main Navigation area isn’t crowded with too many links. You can move some of these links to the bottom of the page (the junk drawer) so they are easy to find if you’re looking for them. Utilizing drop down menus will also help declutter important real estate on your site. Your contact information should also be easy to find at the bottom of your site. If there are any pages that don’t center around benefitting your customer you may want to rethink their necessity. 

Summary for Using the StoryBrand Website Checklist

We hope you find this StoryBrand Website Checklist helpful as you work to build your converting website. We welcome you to book a meeting for us to evaluate your website and what might be holding you back.

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