Squeeze the Day Webinar Series: 7 Juicy Marketing Ideas to Drive Growth and Position You for the Recovery

Marketing Ideas to Drive Growth

Webinar Replay: 7 Juicy Marketing Ideas to Drive Growth and Position You for the Recovery

Join us on Thursday, May 7th at 12:00 pm for our Squeeze the Day Webinar Series!

One thing is for sure, the recovery will come. Will you be ready to squeeze the day? In this webinar, we'll share seven juicy marketing ideas to help you position your firm to spring back and drive growth. Join us for our first ever Squeeze the Day 20-Minute Webinar.

You'll learn:

  • How to choose a lead magnet topic (And what is a lead magnet anyway?)

  • Google gardening tips

  • Ways to pivot your message

  • Email automation and CRM basics

  • And more

All of this, in 20 minutes guaranteed to entertain. This free event was hosted by Margee Moore and her team at BigOrange.Marketing. Get notified about our upcoming webinars by subscribing below!

Webinar Transcript

Margee Moore: (00:07)
Hi there everyone. I hope you can hear me. This is Margee Moore. Welcome to our first juicy marketing webinar. Thank you guys for showing up. I'm very happy. You're all here today. Let's get going. Here we go. So our webinar today. Thank you guys for joining us. It was all about seven juicy marketing ideas to drive growth and position you for the recovery. We're trying to do this in 20 minutes or less. So here we go a little bit about our agenda today. I'll look good and tell you a little bit about us. Big orange marketing, a little bit about what's going on today in the world. Then we'll go through our seven ideas at the end. We'll be going over an action strategy to help you make the most of your time here while we're still at home. We'll have a closing poll at the end and a Starbucks gift card to give away.

Margee Moore: (00:58)
If you have any questions as we go, please put them in the chat. Janice is monitoring those and she's going to text them over to me. I'm looking at the full screen and, by the way, this is being recorded and we will send it out afterwards as an email. So let's get going. Today's webinar is brought to you by big orange marketing. We have 15 years of marketing experience. We've helped dozens of clients when millions of dollars in business, we're HubSpot partners and we're storytellers. Today I'll be doing most of the talking because this is our first time using Crowdcast. So plan for other people in future webinars. All right, a little bit about what's happening today. This is disruption has been unprecedented, and so much when the NFL draft was going on, we created a new drinking game called unprecedented and every time the word unprecedented, which used you have to drink.

Margee Moore: (01:49)
So it was a kind of a fun night, not a fun next morning. But anyway, the point of this is, is you may actually be dealing with loss and grief. So keep that in mind with your mindset and keep that in mind with the people around you on your team. They may also be dealing with a lot of grief and a loss. Your pipelines may be a little less full that's what we're here to talk about today. Business owners that you're selling to will be a little less likely to purchase quickly, a little bit longer to make decisions and a little more interested in holding onto their cash longer. Networking events may continue to be virtual. So we have to plan for that or canceled, the great reopening is coming at us fast. Let's also be prepared for that.

Margee Moore: (02:30)
This is the picture on the right, that was going around about New York city last Saturday. We played another game called find the face masks. We found two. So here's what we're all feeling right now. We are ready to get out, ready to get out. So our work, our webinar today is all about ideas for you and how to market in a post COVID 19 world. The IMF now projects that the economy will shrink by 3% in 2020, not where we thought we were going at the beginning of March. So important to keep in mind. It's actually not going to bounce immediately back. It's on par with 2008, 2009, maybe actually even a little worse, but Hey, this is, this means there's great opportunities. A great opportunity to be out there. If you hold steady with your marketing or you dig in and do some additional new tactics, you're going to be ahead of the crowd.

Margee Moore: (03:20)
The bear on the right is there to remind you of that story. You know, I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you. So we have to outrun our competitors. We don't have to outrun the bear. We just have to outrun our competitors. So with no further ado, here are seven ideas to help you outrun your competitors. So one idea, number one, pivot, it's time to pivot. It's time to jump in with the content that people need right now. And also it's time to pivot your message to match the time. So we know inbound marketing works. We've seen it for all of our clients. And we also get meetings booked with us pretty much once a week, through our website and through the phone. So we know inbound works along with SEO and strategy.

Margee Moore: (04:07)
So, important thoughts here are update your core message to reflect the times you have to show empathy and understanding for everything that people are going through. And I'll show you a great example of that digital content is being consumed at mind-blowing during this quarantine. So you need to be in the game and you need to create some content right now that answers questions that your clients and your prospects would have right now. Also think about on a pivot perspective, is there something you would normally charge for that you could offer for free at this time? Here is a beautiful example from Carnegie investment counseling, Cleveland with eight offices across the nation. Beautiful, empathetic image of a woman who's in quarantine, but she's optimistic and she's positive. She's feeling very comfortable with her investment management strategy. She's feeling well taken care of, and the message is helping you stay the course in times of uncertainty, beautiful, empathetic language.

Margee Moore: (05:03)
You need to make sure you have a message that shows that you were with the times just like this, and not asleep at the wheel while all of this was going on another great example of pivoted content. SWAT systems in Seattle, realized that their clients and their prospects have a need for some tips for managing remote workers, great piece of content. They created totally timely. All right, juicy growth idea. Number two, time to power up your CRM. So you may be using a more marketing automation, can be your friends, little guys, your friends here. So, if you're not yet leveraging a customer relationship management system, a CRM for lead management and sales outreach, now's the time to get started. And we recommend you start with a free version at least of HubSpot or HubSpot partners. We'd recommend HubSpot strongly, at least start with brief, let's start with free day and then see what you like and get comfortable with it.

Margee Moore: (05:57)
Watch the video tutorials and then start using more features and move into a paid version. If you're already using a CRM, jump in with a new sales outreach email sequence that shares your content in a giving way, not an asker way, like always asking for that meeting, but you know, sharing, Hey, I was, we have this great new article on managing remote workers thought you would enjoy. It was thinking about you here. It is. You want to give to people you want to be warm. You want to outreach authentically. Another idea, create some filters that help you find those old contexts that maybe ended up not doing business with you. Maybe what was someone else or maybe just the timing wasn't right. Reach out to them with a, Hey, are you happy with your current provider, email and that gives pretty good results.

Margee Moore: (06:45)
So that works very well. Another CRM power of idea, take a training class in your system. I recommend go back and take the basic sales software starter training. And it's great to get familiar with all of the features of your basics or take a training class in a new feature, learn something new in your CRM system. And then another idea set up at least one marketing automation sequence for something you normally do manually. So perhaps whenever you send a proposal, you send a series of three emails to follow up with people after you sent that proposal. Why not think about automating that it's more of a hot lead follow-up process? All right, here is a visual wanted to remember to tell people right now for a little while, 90 days, HubSpot's making video one-to-one, options free. And what that means is right from your screen, while you're sending an email to a prospect or client, you can record a video talking right to them like, Hey, Joe thought you would really like this piece of content was thinking here it is, or whatever message you want to send them, right from your inbox.

Margee Moore: (07:53)
And another, in case you're not using a CRM system yet today wanted to share how this saves you time and money. CRM system keeps all your content. I'm sorry, all of your contacts information all in one place on the left, their lead status, their annual revenue, the number of trucks they have, all of the things that you would choose to keep all that in your left. And then throughout your middle section, this is your timeline. The beauty of a CRM system is it helps you to never have to go back to your own inbox and say, did I send that person an email last week? Did I send them this resource already? You don't have to remember any of that stuff, cause it's all right there for you. Also on the right, you can see it organizes a context company, a deal you create with that content all in one module.

Margee Moore: (08:45)
So we highly recommend powering up your CRM. All right. Do you see growth idea, number three webinars. It will be a while before networking events and live events in person return to business as normal. So if you are in the process of, if you have been doing live events to speaking engagements, with your chambers and things like that. webinars are a great way to do that. Now instead of webinars, point number one year also offer a great way for you to talk to multiple of your existing clients at one time, perhaps share, share your, your old newsletter that you used to send printed. Maybe bring that into a webinar. In addition to bringing it into an online email, for sales support webinar, give you, make you the go-to expert in your area. So if you're always out there talking about, marketing once a month, you start to become that go-to expert in that area.

Margee Moore: (09:42)
They provide a shortcut to creating one piece of content a month and they give you three reasons to reach out to clients and prospects. They give you an invitation, you can send a nice warm email. Hey, you were invited to our webinar. I wanted you to know that you can set a reminder outreach and a follow-up, which is three times that you were top of mind with that prospect or client. Yes. If you send an email, remember to share in there a link, Hey yes, by the way, if you want to book with us, here's a way that you can ask your specific questions. Here's a great example of a webinar. Two companies partnering up spot systems and interest it. They do these great Microsoft teams, training events, and they pack the house. When I do those, I think they pretty much tapped out how many people can attend.

Margee Moore: (10:28)
All right. So here's a time-saver tip for you. So if you've been thinking about a webinar strategy, I'm going to say get some time. So you're thinking, oh, should I do zoom? Should I do Crowdcast, get out of quarter and flip it if it's heads, but with zoom, if it's tails go and Crowdcast six and one half dozen, the other, if you're comfortable with zoom, it's like 40 a month for zoom web, Crowdcast is about 29 a month. Go for it. Just flip your coin. I just saved us some time. All right. Do you see growth idea, number four, lead magnets, offer something of value to your visitors in exchange for them giving up their email address to you so that you may nurture that content. Sometimes these are called transitional offers, sales funnel. It's a way it's more like dating than getting married. It's a way for them to get to know you. They can become infographics, checklists, e-books videos, slide downloads, consider creating a cheat sheet if you create a cheat sheet around your type of business.

Margee Moore: (11:30)
Yeah. Okay, great. Good question. We'll answer that question when we get to it. Great. So could you create a cheat cheat sheet? Oh, the other beauty of having a lead magnet is it builds a funnel, for your sales team to consistently share because they can get behind a hind, the scenes access to whatever that download was created. You created a consistent thing for them use and leverage. Here's an example of a great lead magnet from Hensley homes, a gorgeous ebook design, sharing their most inspirational floor plans of all times a beautiful ebook consistently performed for them, constantly downloaded at a very steady pace every month. So you see growth idea, number five targeting? Is there a niche in your future? Is there a niche where you do particularly well, if you're a B2B company or you do really well with law firms, do you do really well at CPA firm?

Margee Moore: (12:24)
If you're abused a company like a financial advisor, you can do really well with, you know, former CPA's who are getting ready to retire. So good groups, things like that. Are there niche groups that you could be going after? So think about, are there organizations to join in that niche where you could become a part of that organization and access their list of contacts? Could you purchase a list for one to one outreach from a source like info USA or lead kahuna, could you then leverage a virtual assistant to do some of that, sales, outreach, emails, or phone calls or, and then the suggestion is tried biting them to your, to your new webinar? Nope. We must always share never mass email, a purchase list that is actually against canned stamps. You don't want to get that. All right. Do you see growth idea, number six, it's time to garden your Google.

Margee Moore: (13:15)
You need to tend to everything. Google. It's just not enough to claim your Google, my business listing. You need to make sure you take care of it. You need to maximize all relevant data points, make sure your email address always matches your email. If not your email address, your physical address always matches your physical address on your website and all the other locations where you have your physical address, you need to monitor false listings. You need to post updates using the posts and you need to be posting pictures, consistently, and regularly, and then research your competitors, look at what they're doing. What are they sharing as offers? Because Google makes this very easy down towards the bottom, as you're looking at your own list and you can see they share with you what people like you are sharing. So be sure to garden your Google digitally, just wanted to share this Hensley homes again, 50,000 views on this gorgeous home picture.

Margee Moore: (14:07)
It's only been up since last fall. So 50,000 views that you might be missing out on if you are not leveraging this, also it helps to have drop dead gorgeous homes. I think that always helps a great juicy growth kit. Number seven, it's time to pay to play. It's time to take advantage of paid campaigns right now while your dollar will go further, things to consider Google search ads. If you're B2B, BBC, sometimes this also works too, but definitely Google search ads, Facebook boosted posts for Facebook ad campaigns. Great time to do that. We are seeing money go really far, with the campaign we just recently ran for, for the Ken Anderson Alliance, content discovery, the campaigns like using tools like outright into bullets, a good time to do that as well. Also link LinkedIn, boosting LinkedIn boosts and loose LinkedIn paid campaigns. It's a great time to do that.

Margee Moore: (15:02)
All right, here's a bonus testimonial bonus. Tip the bonus juicy tip testimonial. If you are sheltering in place and your people are sheltering in place, or maybe you have a have received PPP and you're able to hire people back and maybe they're not completely full right now. You've got more time. So maybe it's a great time to ask people on your team to reach out by phone to clients. Your clients may also have a lot of time right now and would love a phone call from you to say, Hey, how's it going? Would you mind if I asked you some questions to get a testimonial? Andif it's not a great conversation, Hey, you know what, it's great to have had that conversation and no, they weren't happy anyway. So if you also have extra a lot of time on your hands, take those testimonials, build them into case studies case studies are very effective.

Margee Moore: (15:51)
Also with your testimonials. You want to get them on your homepage of your website. They're very effective. Is that word of mouth influence of testimonials? If you have a lot of testimonials probably is worthy of a whole testimonial page, those, those work very well as social proof and by the way, other thought that I must share when you get a great testimonial, it really helps to have it up on Google. So create a process where, where if you get a great review from someone, your, your company, everyone who gets a great review knows to shoot out a quick little email saying, Hey, thank you so much for that great thought. Would you mind sharing it in a Google review and the link right. To your Google? All right. So we are to the action plan part. So with all these tips, I gave you a lot of information all at once, and now we're going to dive back in and do a little thinking.

Margee Moore: (16:43)
All right, we got some questions. That's great. A little thinking on each of these things, so you can get out a piece of paper if you want and, and jot some thoughts, by the way, we're sending this afterwards to you. So you don't have to write any notes if you don't want. But right now for the pivot idea, could you write down one content idea for the post COVID world that, that your customers, clients, prospects want to know from you? What could you share that, you know, with them, share your knowledge. Also another great immediate idea you could do. Could you set a time with your team to brainstorm? Is there an offer that you could be making something you could be giving away for free or just even an extraordinary offer, anything like that to set a time with your team to brainstorm that, right.

Margee Moore: (17:31)
Your CRM action plan idea, what, one thing, could you create an email sequence around right now for your sales team to use? Like, do you have a great piece of content that you could, that they could share it, we'll write an email sequence around it. Could you reach out to old contacts and revive those? It's been wonderful. It's a wonderful thing to do because there's people in your past who you wanted to keep in touch with, and it's wonderful to hear from them. And, you know, it's just, it's enjoyable. Great action plan idea. Number three, webinars. What a topic would your current clients and prospects like to hear from you? And right now in this moment, if you just simply commit to, Hey, we're going to do a monthly webinar, you know, no more thinking you don't have to think about it anymore.

Margee Moore: (18:16)
You committed to it and you've made progress for right now. Action idea. Number four, lead magnet, what's a cheat sheet idea that you could do for your company. Think about that. What is a cheat sheet you could create? I, number five, targeting what organization could you join? That would have an association membership list. Okay, great. Action item number six, Google. Do you have a process to capture those, Google reviews that I mentioned, if not stop, write out that email now store it in a place where everybody can access it and, make that Google review, capturing really simple right now. Action items for pay to play. Think about Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads. do you have an offer page where you could drive those ads? Think about that. If so, it's probably time to get that going.

Margee Moore: (19:16)
If not, it's probably time to get an offer page going and then, funnel people into that. All right. From the bonus idea of testimonials, think about, is there one person, you could call today and ask a set of three questions. If you need some help with those three questions, we have those we can share them with you. So here's my little sales pitch part. If you are overwhelmed and feeling too busy, we can help you assess all of these ideas and figure out a strategy of what to attack first and, let us know we can help with all of these ideas. All right. So here is the giveaway part of our, of our webinar today, and I think we're on time. Yeah, we're perfect. All right. So great. Tell us what your biggest marketing or sales challenge will be in the new post shutdown world, or, tell us in the chat window, please, by the way, what marketing info do you need next that would make a great webinar?

Margee Moore: (20:12)
Like what would you like us to share next? Maybe not want to get the ideas, but maybe like the hot lead follow-up would be something we'd love to share. Maybe a little bit about,, leveraging your CRM, writing a series of five sales emails. Those are my ideas, but your own ideas would be great. Throw them in the chat. So don't worry. We take all the names. We're not going to weigh your questions. We're going to take your names, which could put them in a randomizer and whoever wins. We will email you that gift card for $20 for Starbucks. And we're going to also post the name of the winder if that's okay with you on LinkedIn. So, you know, that we actually gave it to a, and we didn't drink the coffee ourselves. So people do that. All right, here's my sales pitch slide of who we are. I know it's kind of boring to hear a sales pitch. So I put the video behind it to make it a little more exciting. If you work with us, you get a team of experts. You get small firm attention, we're seasoned pros, we're great tech savvy and we're storytellers. So that's my sales pitch and we deliver what others' problems.

Margee Moore: (21:15)
Pretty cool. So we had some questions. Great. If you guys are still hanging with me, I can hang and answer these questions if that helps or make them the next webinar. Okay. Automated emails. People get so many emails right now. Any suggestions, So with the CRM, you can see who opens your email and who doesn't open your email. And so if your email was not opened, you could, you can see that. And the advice really is to keep the subject line. So whether email is open or not is sometimes a function of the subject line, keep your subject line simple, warm, conversational tone, and friendly, that helps them get through that inbox. And don't use the word COVID. I think that helps with inbox. I also saw, right. Do you have any of the questions right now? All right. Some questions coming through. Oh, that's it. Great. Thanks. So thank you very much. Sarah in the chat and I can get back here and see how we're doing. Okay.

Margee Moore: (22:34)
Great. Hey, thank you. That's great. Number of attendees. Hey, thank you Katie for saying thanks. Hi Amanda. Oh, lead gen and new leads. Oh so good. That's a challenge for the rest also. Thank you guys. Very much. Breaking through the clutter. Yeah. Through an uncertainty. Great. Thank you guys. Thanks you guys for attending. We're gonna try this again. Next month and we'll use these ideas here to come up with the next topic. Thanks Tim. Thanks Sean. Oh, hi, Elizabeth. Nice to meet you. I think we've taught you again. I moved Monica. Thank you, Monica. Thank you all for attending. I appreciate it. Hey, thanks Ben Ireland.

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