MSP Social Media Marketing: 9 Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don'ts of MSP social media marketing

Read our breakdown of best practices for B2B social media so you can score big with your MSP social media marketing strategy. When you’re done reading this blog post, hop over to our MSP Marketing Resource for more ideas.

How to Post

Our team uses a shared Excel document to create social posts for our MSP clients. As you can see from this template, we use five columns. The first column is for the date that the post will be sent and the second column is the copy that will be shared. The third column is the post type; we have a client-specific drop-down menu to select a category of post. Next is a column for the image or video link. The fifth and final column is for hashtags that will be shared with the post’s copy.

Once the posts have been written and edited, it’s time to schedule them. You can manually post at a predetermined cadence, or let a management platform do the work for you. We recommend Buffer, HootSuite or HubSpot to upload your posts one month at a time, with flexibility for additional posts as events unfold.

What to Post

MSP Social Media Marketing Do’s

Do use photos of your team. Our clients get a lot of engagement when they use photos of themselves. They can be staged and professionally done or candid shots from your own phone.

Do share company news. Almost any news is good news! You can share events that you’re hosting or attending to encourage others to come or follow along. Be sure to toot your own horn if you win any local awards! You can also highlight charity work that your team does, or call out a particular employee for their service to the community.

Do tag other accounts and use hashtags. Getting your partners to interact with your account via tagging will increase your exposure to other networks. If you’re struggling to come up with hashtags, sites like Hastagify are there to help you. BigOrange tip: Search the topic on Twitter and see what others have used on their posts!

Do post from a business page. This will give you access to extra insights and analytics plus enable features that help promote your MSP. You can create one from the start or transform your business’s private account into a business account. To launch a business account, check out these links:

How to create a Facebook page for your business

How to create a Twitter profile for your business

How to create an Instagram account for your business

How to create a LinkedIn company page for your business

Do post consistently. Your social media presence shouldn’t dwindle; pick one to two days every week to post. Your followers should look forward to seeing your content but not feel bombarded with constant posts.

Do track your analytics. To monitor the performance of your social media accounts, keep tabs on metrics like follows and interactions. With advanced tools from platforms like HubSpot, you can even trace lead conversions back to your posts.

MSP Social Media Marketing Don’ts 

Don’t keep posting promotional information. We take an 80/20 approach when creating content for MSP social media accounts; 80 percent of content should be related to your industry rather than self-promoting. This keeps your audience engaged. Categories we utilize for the 80 percent include blog post recaps, cyber security tips, events, industry news and holidays. Categories we use for the promotional 20 percent include promotions and engagement driving questions.

Don’t use too many hashtags in your posts. This will confuse the platform’s algorithm and end up causing more harm than good. Many platforms impose limits on the number of hashtags you can use; Instagram won’t let users exceed 30, for example, and Twitter suggests using only two, although there is no official limit. The standard number of hashtags per post at BigOrange is four. We also recommend being consistent with your hashtags and using a mix of company-specific and industry-wide hashtags.

Don’t let your content sit untouched. Have a dedicated team member or two interact with people who comment on your posts, or outsource this work to your marketing provider. You can also push your posts to employees on LinkedIn, a top MSP social media marketing platform.

Learn more MSP marketing best-practices on our MSP Marketing Resource page.

In an industry that specializes in tech, social media doesn’t have to be so daunting. As a matter of fact, it can help drive leads through your marketing funnel. Learn more about our MSP social media marketing experience and how we can optimize a digital strategy for your industry.

Janice Weiser

Janice Weiser

Janice Weiser, BigOrange Marketing's chief content officer, loves to tell the stories that set clients apart from the competitors. She's also written books on log cabins and met two living U.S. presidents.

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