Our Work: A Marketing eBook Content Writing Sample

Marketing eBook Content Writing Sample

BigOrange Marketing eBook Content 

Good eBook content writing starts with understanding the customer. In this content sample we understand that the customer may be frustrated with other marketing firms that over promise and under deliver. We dive in to any project by understanding the customer first.

Following StoryBrand principles, we seek to understand the customer's problems on a physical, emotional and philosophical level. Only then can we write content that addresses their challenges and helps them achieve their goals.

Marketing eBook Content Writing

This eBook on the 18 best digital marketing ideas for 2020 provides a straightforward guide for small- to mid-sized businesses. The language is simple, straightforward and easy to read. And that's intentional. Click here to view the Digital Marketing eBook content writing sample.


Digital Marketing eBook Content Writing Samples

Happy eBook Content Writing Sample Customers

The eBook content writing process was so simple. We provided an outline, research samples and the look and feel of other eBook samples that we liked. It was completed in two weeks.

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