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Publications for Local MSP Marketing Resources

You know those info-packed emails from your local business publication you like to read? Well, your potential clients are reading them, too. Why not research ways to include your company in those publications’ updates? Ask about being a featured advertiser or even a possible contributor. Explore paid advertising opportunities to expand your reach. Consider being a guest on one of their podcasts or webinars. Having a consistent message in your local publications shows you are not only a thought leader, but you are invested in the local community as well.

Ways to Engage with Local Publications

Blog contribution: Write a blog post for your local publication to publish on their site. Brainstorm with their editors on what their readers are interested in. Are there any local angles to take? (Note: This must be an original copy and not re-used from your own blog.)

Paid advertising is another great way to get some brand exposure. It can come in the form of print, digital, email or sponsored articles. Work with your ad executive to come up with a plan that fits your budget and gives you the maximum exposure over the course of the contract.

Podcast guest. If your local publication has a podcast, offer to be a guest. This is a great chance for you to share the story of your company and gain some brand exposure. Business people are interested in other business owners’ stories so it’s a great way to connect with your audience.

Host or co-host a webinar. Another smart way to engage with your audience is to host or co-host a webinar. This is a great way to put a face to your business. An idea is to cover a popular topic like cybersecurity and then open it up for attendees to ask their burning questions. Not sure what to discuss in a webinar? Tie the information you provide into a current event to give it a “news hook” if possible. For example, attendees might be eager to hear about what a cyber insurance policy should include if there’s been a recent high-profile cyber attack in your area. Stay tuned for more on MSP webinars next week or learn more about leveraging webinars in our MSP Marketing Resource.

Speaking engagement. Offer a speech at your regional publication’s next event. Select a hot topic that will capture the attention of your audience. Today, that could be cybersecurity, crypto currency or malware. Offer real-time advice and suggestions that they can use.

Back to Those Emails

Remember that people opening your local publications’ emails are looking for educational information, not a sales pitch. If you can contribute as a sponsor or advertiser, consider providing a link to something downloadable like a password safety checklist or instructions for responding to a ransomware attack or breach. Consider also purchasing a single-subject email newsletter from your most popular local publication like those in the Business Journal family. One of our MSP clients saw great success with an email that provided a ransomware resource by partnering up with the local INC magazine in Fort Worth

Want to access more marketing tips for your MSP? Check out our MSP Marketing Resource.

Local MSP Marketing Resources 

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Margee Moore

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