7 Juicy SEO Tips Recap: Tip #3 Test Your User Experience

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Our second Squeeze the Day webinar premiered on Thursday, June 18th. In this blog post, we highlight the third key takeaway: Get Testy.

#3 Get Testy

Why isn’t your site ranking? Google, by lowering the overall rank of your website, is saying that your website isn’t up to snuff. To find out if your website tests well, print out the pdf attached below and ask yourself (or get a peer) to ask those 28 questions about your website.

In general, the website should have a professional look and an authentic nature. Google wants the experts in the field to appear after a search. With this in mind, you need to establish credibility during your posts and throughout your site. A credible site not only ranks better but ensures that people will stay on the site for longer periods of time. Google is looking for sites that have E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) to show the user. Google wants to ensure that you are doing more than just selling to the user; educate them about the product and your process.

To test well, you also need to create an SEO strategy. Research the keywords that your consumers use to get to your and your competitor’s sites. Look at what your competitors are doing and see how you could improve upon it. Next, you need to choose keywords for core pages. When creating your core pages, keep in mind that good writing and clarity are factors Google counts. Create a content strategy to attack longer tail keywords and link them back to your core pages. Your site should be filled with inbound (links to another page or post on your site) and outbound links (links to another place on the web). Take advantage of the free on-page optimization tools.

To evaluate your website in depth, ask these 28 questions posted below. We created a printable pdf with 23 from Neil Patel, a marketing guru, and 5 of our own. Find it down below. Also, you can rewatch the full webinar here.

Google 23 Questions EAT User Experience

Or access a printable version here: Google's 23 User Experience Questions to Rank Higher with Google + 5 from BigOrange Marketing

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