Standing Out Online: Scout Website Development Case Study

Scout Website Development Case Study

In a competitive industry like temperature-controlled warehousing, nailing your online presence is critical. That’s exactly what Scout Cold Capital realized when they teamed up with us at BigOrange Marketing. Scout, on the brink of a major property acquisition, knew their website design needed a serious makeover to mirror their seasoned professionalism. 

The Problem

Picture this: Scout’s growth was in turbo mode and a property purchase was on the horizon. But their website? Well, it wasn’t keeping up with the scale of their ambitions. 

The Solution: Brainstorming and Partnership

The Miami-based company commissioned BigOrange for a website development project that would reshape Scout’s digital identity from top to bottom. We rolled up our sleeves and kicked things off with a deep dive into Scout’s existing website. We wanted to know its every nook and cranny before we started waving our magic marketing wand. 

Plus, we’re all about teamwork, so we huddled up with Scout’s brain trust to really soak in their vision, aspirations and must-haves.

Looks matter: BOM took Scout’s digital appearance and polished it until it gleamed with professionalism. Our design makeover included a fresh, clean vibe that matched the company’s superior level of experience. 

We infused their branding with a new color palette, eye-catching imagery and fonts that added sophistication. We also polished their portfolio page, decking it out with new plugins and a user-friendly layout. Browsing through Scout’s projects and properties is now smooth and simple. 

It’s all part of the navigation we employed – seamless, elegant and engaging – and perhaps most important, supportive of sales.

Putting the “User” in User Experience

Nobody has time for confusing websites. So, we mapped out a user experience that’s as intuitive as turning on a light switch or using social media. We revamped the layout of key pages like the map, regional information and property listings. 

Finding info became a breeze, and visitors were hooked. They stayed on the site longer, exploring deeper and becoming true fans of the Scout experience.

Oh, did we mention the clock was ticking? Scout was in the middle of a high-stakes property acquisition, and we had to hustle. But at BigOrange, we keep our promises, so we aligned our resources and delivered the new Scout website development project right on time. 

The Results

When Scout’s stakeholders laid eyes on their new digital creation, they were thrilled.  

The website revamp didn’t just check boxes; it transformed Scout’s image. Suddenly, they were the trailblazers, the go-getters, the ones to watch in the temperature-controlled warehousing world.

It’s a Whole Package Deal

We don’t stop at digital makeovers. The Scout and BigOrange story has continued beyond the virtual realm. We’re working on Scout’s print brochures now, giving them a glow-up that syncs seamlessly with the website’s new look. 

Consistency is the name of the game and helps brands stand out from the competition. It’s what helps consistently generate leads (and we’ve got a free resource on the subject).

Ready for Website Development?

This isn’t just a story about website development: It’s about a partnership that reshaped a brand. Scout’s journey from a so-so online presence to digital trailblazer is proof that collaboration fueled by expertise can make a huge impact. 

The Scout and BOM story is one of transformation, trust and optimal results – a blueprint for anyone who wants to stand out and shine in the digital crowd.

Do you want to learn about our marketing strategies, collateral and digital content? Are you ready to get leads and grow?  Connect with BigOrange Marketing by booking an appointment for a non-salesy consultation.

Nick Miller

Nick Miller

Nick is a Marketing Copywriter and written content creation specialist. He runs a blog on video games and gaming adjacent products, and his content has been viewed by over 100k people. He is passionate about personal fitness, hiking, gaming, Mtn Dew, Taco Bell, and providing the best possible deliverables for his clients.

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