Case Study:  Construction Company Finds Success Using TikTok for Advertising

using tiktok for advertising

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the newest social media channel TikTok. With over 300 billion downloads, it has solidified its spot as a valid social media channel. B2C companies have latched onto the channel, making it an interesting test case for a construction company hoping to reach young potential employees by using TikTok for advertising.

How Are Companies Using TikTok?

Some B2B companies, like Shopify and Adobe, are already using TikTok for influencer marketing and product demos. Both B2B ad B2C companies are using TikTok to reach a younger audience, share helpful (and more creative) content, network and establish or re-establish their brand. Paid advertising is, of course, another avenue on TikTok. 

But enough about other companies, let’s jump into our case study and how BigOrange Marketing used TikTok for advertising.


5 Weeks to Get Qualified Apprentice Applicants

A large concrete construction firm in the Cincinnati area needed a complete marketing campaign to gain awareness and enrollment for their construction apprentice program. BigOrange Marketing held a strategy and StoryBrand discovery session to clarify messaging. In order for it to be a successful program, the construction firm needed roughly 30 enrolled apprentices in the program. The apprenticeship program was starting in five weeks and the last day to register was in four and a half weeks. They needed marketing and advertising and they needed it fast.


Launch Video Paid Ads Quickly

Within a week of kicking off, BigOrange Marketing completed keyword research, wrote copy for the construction company’s site, social media and video, and designed ad campaigns for Google, Facebook and TikTok. Next, BigOrange Marketing launched the landing page along with social media and paid ad campaigns. This was all expedited to meet a tight turnaround of 10 days. It was paramount to launch the campaign very quickly so it had enough time to produce results.


55 Applicants in Just Three Weeks

The social media and paid campaigns generated a total of 55 apprentice applications in just three weeks with a budget of only $1,500. Across Google, Facebook and TikTok, the campaign averaged an impressive 9 percent click-through rate (CTR). For comparison, the average CTR for all FaceBook ads is about 1.5 percent. In this campaign, TikTok specifically produced over 55,000 impressions and eight applicants. The construction firm was extremely satisfied with the results and number of applicants to select for the apprentice program. Using a variety of social media platforms, including TikTok, contributed to the success of the campaign. 

Help For B2B Companies Using TikTok

Are you ready to leverage TikTok for your B2B or B2C company? First steps include nailing down your message, setting a budget and establishing your goals. With the endless (and entertaining) scrolling, it’s easy to fall off the course. BigOrange Marketing can help you stick to a strategic plan. We know how to design social media campaigns and paid advertising to get results.  Book an appointment to chat with a digital strategist about your social media goals.

Maria Marotta

Maria Marotta

Maria is a Copywriter and Digital Content Producer at BigOrange Marketing. She lives for innovative story-telling and human-centered design. By leveraging her background in museum writing and arts non-profit programming, she crafts videos and blogs that both educate and delight.

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