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The Ken Anderson Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation creating LIVE, WORK and ENGAGE opportunities for adults with disabilities in Cincinnati. BigOrange Marketing is proud to support such a worthy cause with our marketing best practices. Thanks to their dedicated team and our nonprofit marketing efforts, the alliance’s mission spreads farther in the community and across the country.

KAA has partnered with BigOrange for ongoing content marketing services since 2019. This includes social media management, content creation, digital strategy and monthly KPI reporting. The alliance grew exponentially in 2021, with a move to a larger office and the addition of new programs like O2 Urban Farms, Melodic Connections and the Just Brew Coffee House. Each program had its own website. Both parties unanimously decided it was time for the website to be refreshed; it was too confusing to navigate three separate websites. They didn’t have to look to an outside website designer: BigOrange was the perfect web design agency for the job with our core competency in website design and SEO.

Web Design Process

Web Design Agency

After working with KAA for over a year, BigOrange knew the alliance’s mission by heart. We talked with the KAA team to collaborate on design for the site, then hit the ground running. We dispatched a local photographer to capture refreshed images in the new space. Our team successfully migrated their Squarespace websites to WordPress, plus we integrated the additional websites for their individual programs. We also integrated their apparel website.

BigOrange launched the new site in July 2021, just in time for the grand opening of KAA’s new office and coffee house. The Ken Anderson Alliance team was overwhelmingly pleased with the look and functionality of the website. We made local media aware of the open house via press release, and many came to the event. The story was featured on air and online with backlinks to the KAA’s beautiful new website. Please connect with our web design agency for more information on how to refresh your website and increase traffic and sales. We specialize in IT services marketing, financial services marketing and marketing for builders.

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