What Is the Process Plan of StoryBrand?

What's the Process Plan of StoryBrand

The StoryBrand process and its plan are based on a framework designed by Donald Miller to help businesses more effectively communicate their core messages to their audience. It consists of seven key steps: 

  1. The hero: Identifying the customer as the hero of the story.
  2. The problem: Highlighting the challenges the customer faces.
  3.  The guide: Positioning the business as the guide that can help the hero overcome their problems.
  4. The plan: Presenting a clear plan for the hero to follow.
  5. Call to action: Encouraging the hero to take a specific action, such as making a call or signing up for a service.
  6. Avoiding failure: Showing the consequences of not taking such actions.
  7. Achieving success: Painting a picture of the positive outcomes that the hero can expect by engaging with the business.

    How do I effectively write a StoryBrand BrandScript?

    To effectively write a StoryBrand BrandScript, start by identifying your target audience and understanding their needs and challenges. Then, clearly define the problem your audience faces and present your brand as the guide that can help solve it. Tell a story that showcases how your brand provides a clear plan for your audience to follow. Include a strong call to action that prompts your audience to take the next step. Finally, highlight the success your audience can achieve by engaging with your brand and the potential consequences of not doing so. Be sure to keep your messaging attention-grabbing, clear and concise.

    What is the difference between a StoryBrand BrandScript and a traditional brand script?

    The main difference between a StoryBrand BrandScript and a traditional brand script lies in their individual approaches to storytelling and messaging. A StoryBrand BrandScript focuses mainly on clarifying a brand’s message by casting the customer as the hero, identifying their problem, presenting the brand as the guide with a clear plan, and emphasizing the call to action and potential outcomes. It’s structured around the idea of creative storytelling, while a traditional brand script may focus more on features, benefits and selling points of a product or service without framing it as a story. It may rely on persuasive language and marketing tactics to communicate the brand’s key messages. The StoryBrand approach prioritizes simplicity, clarity and the power of storytelling to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

    Why are StoryBrand BrandScripts so successful?

    StoryBrand BrandScripts are successful for several reasons. First, they prioritize clarity and simplicity, which are appealing to new customers. By casting the customer as the hero and positioning the brand as the guide, a reliable narrative is crafted that resonates with the audience’s needs. This approach helps cut through the noise of traditional marketing and allows the audience to easily understand how your brand can solve their problems. Additionally, StoryBrand BrandScripts focus on engaging storytelling techniques, which have been proven to capture audience attention. By emphasizing calls to action and positive outcomes, they motivate the audience to take specific action steps. Overall, StoryBrand BrandScripts succeed because they provide a framework for crafting logically and emotionally appealing messages for any audience.

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    What Is the Process Plan of StoryBrand?

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