What We Learned at IT Nation Connect 2021

BigOrange Marketing IT Nation Connect 2021 Conference Recap
IT Nation Connect 2021

From the keynote speakers to the breakout sessions and all the networking in between we learned a lot about MSPs at IT Nation Connect 2021. The keynote speakers included ConnectWise leadership, who shared some really exciting new programs like the Security Partner Program. The other keynote speaker was Ed Viesturs (above). Ed’s inspiring story of climbing the world’s 14 peaks that are over 8000 meters, without supplemental oxygen. His journey took him 18 years to accomplish and exemplifies his message that there are “no shortcuts to the top.”

Other sessions that we found impactful were on topics such as selling cybersecurity; content marketing; how to develop a win/win/win for shareholders, customers and employees; spotting MSP trends and opportunities; and social media hacking. Of course our own session was our favorite.

7 StoryBrand Websites of IT Services Firms that Convert! Presentation

Margee Moore Presents StoryBrand for MSPs at IT Nation Connect 2021

Our session, Feel Like Your Website Is Broken? 7 StoryBrand Websites of IT Services Firms that Convert! was well-attended both by in-person and virtual attendees. We enjoyed meeting all the people from near and far that stopped by our talk including one team that came all the way from the UK. 

We hope we provided value by sharing our knowledge of all things MSP marketing. We were honored by the kind words and all the attendees who gave us their time. If you weren’t able to join us, fear not! We are excited to share our 2021 IT Nation StoryBrand MSP Presentation.

The conference provided a ton of value to MSPs and MSP supporters. There were tremendous opportunities to learn about new products, services and technologies from vendors and ConnectWise itself, not to mention the opportunity to network with peers and partners. Plus, it was fun to be there to hear CMO Amy Lucia share the big reveal of the new ConnectWise branding at the kickoff session. The excellent food, user-friendly app and excursion to Universal Studios didn’t hurt either. This was our first year in attendance at IT Nation Connect, but most certainly won’t be the last.

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