Unleashing the Power of AI for Content Generation


Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the landscape of content generation, and BigOrange Marketing is leading the charge with its knowledgeable approach. The CREATE method for ChatGPT is a clear framework using AI for content generation. The approach can revolutionize how businesses engage with their audiences and transform their operating model. 

AI for content generation via the CREATE method is a game-changing approach that unlocks the full potential of ChatGPT, taking content generation to new heights. Here’s each step of the C.R.E.A.T.E. process; starting with C, which stands for context.  

Context: Give ChatGPT Clear and Concise Context

Providing ChatGPT with the right context tailored to the specific industry is crucial to ensure that the generated content aligns with the unique needs, challenges and opportunities of a company in its domain. Setting the perspective in your framework will generate content that is not only relevant but also speaks directly to the targeted industry audience. 

To give context in ChatGPT, you can use prompts like: 

  • Act as an (expert): “Act as a financial advisor” “Act as a travel guide for a specific city”
  • Pretend you are a (real person): “Pretend you are a renowned scientist”
  • Let’s play a game: “Let’s play a game where you are a detective solving a crime”
  • Assume you are a (role): “Assume you are a character in a fantasy world”

As an example, we started with an AI-generated image of a stuffed bear skateboarding in Times Square. From there, we wanted to use ChatGPT to help draft a children’s book based on the image. So, we used the prompt: “Act as a children’s book author, draft a 500-word story about a bear who skateboards in Times Square.” Here’s part of what ChatGPT provided:

Result: Tell It What You Want It to Produce For You

The second step in the CREATE method is defining the desired result with industry-specific objectives in mind. You need to have a clear vision of what businesses want to achieve when using AI for content generation. 

Whether it’s generating leads, driving conversions or building brand authority, defining the desired result with industry-specific objectives in mind is critical in guiding the content generation process.

Here are some example prompts you can use to help ChatGPT understand the result you’re looking for:

  • “Generate [number] headlines for a [topic/niche] website.”
  • “Design a product description for a [product].”
  • “Outline a [length] [genre] book on [topic].”
  • “Write a [length] [genre] book on [topic].”
  • “Create a [length] [type] article on [topic].”
  • Compose a [length] [type] blog post on [topic].”

Inspired by our bear in Times Square image, let’s imagine using ChatGPT for a few business cases:  

By defining the desired result with industry-specific objectives, businesses can ensure that the content generated by ChatGPT serves their unique strategic goals and produces the desired outcome.

Explain: Give More Details

The third step in the CREATE process is explaining the generated content with specific insights as well as details. Providing contextual explanations that are tailored to the specific company makes the AI for content generation more meaningful and relevant to the intended audience. 

By adding details to the request, it can improve the AI’s understanding of the task at hand and, therefore, produce more accurate output. You can also provide a direct framework for how the content should be produced.

Audience: Tell It Who You Are Making the Content For

The fourth step in the CREATE process is understanding the unique needs of your audience. Knowing the audience for whom the content is intended is crucial in creating content that resonates with them and drives desired actions. 

Chat GPT requires a prompt that clearly defines the target audience and the desired output, such as:

“Create a marketing brochure for senior citizens on the features and benefits of a new home security system.”

To improve ChatGPT’s output, provide examples and details that align with the audience’s perspective and tone.

For the “Bear in Times Square” example, here are a few prompts showcasing how the “explain” and “audience” steps of the CREATE method help generate great responses:

Tone: If Necessary, Add a Speaking Tone to Spice Up the Output

The T in CREATE stands for tone. The tone of your content should be aligned with the audience’s expectations, and it should be consistent across all communication channels. This helps in building a strong brand identity and establishing trust with the target audience. 

Too use AI for content generation and produce content with a specific tone, include language that reflects the desired tone in the prompt given to Chat GPT, such as:

“Write a persuasive email with a friendly and approachable tone to convince customers to switch to our new product.”

Wondering what tone your company should have in its writing? Consider this list of twenty if you’re scratching your head.

  1. Formal and professional
  2. Casual and conversational
  3. Persuasive and convincing
  4. Sarcastic and humorous
  5. Inspirational and motivational
  6. Confident and assertive
  7. Exciting and energetic
  8. Calm and soothing
  9. Credible and trustworthy
  10. Bold and daring
  11. Thoughtful and reflective
  12. Sarcastic and tongue in cheek
  13. Technical and precise
  14. Romantic and emotional
  15. Suspenseful and thrilling
  16. Thought-provoking and deep
  17. Empathetic and understanding
  18. Witty and clever
  19. Concise and to the point
  20. Philosophical and contemplative

In our “Bear in Times Square” example, we’ve decided that the owner is releasing a new product line for his bear-led skateboarding touring company, and want a product brochure to be humorous. 

Here are the results:

Expand: Expand, Elaborate and Edit

ChatGPT can expand, elaborate and edit the content provided by the user through a series of iterative prompts, allowing for more detailed and refined output. ChatGPT’s ability to continue to iterate saves companies time while creating high-quality outputs.

Here are 10 different ways you can expand, elaborate, and edit your ChatGPT content:

  1. “Expand on the main idea in this paragraph”
  2. “Elaborate on the character’s motivations in this story”
  3. “Edit this document for grammar and punctuation errors”
  4. “Add more details to this outline”
  5. “Expand on the key points in this presentation”
  6. “Elaborate on the research findings in this report”
  7. “Include this code for efficiency and readability”
  8. “Add more examples to this explanation”
  9. “Expand on the key takeaways in this article”
  10. “Elaborate on the plot in this screenplay”

Ready to Use the Power of AI for Content Generation?

Businesses can leverage the power of ChatGPT with the implementation of the CREATE process; developing content that resonates with the target audience. As businesses continue to adapt to changing market conditions, the CREATE process offers a valuable framework for creating content that drives business growth. 

Want to take advantage of trending and innovative marketing approaches? 

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