BigOrange Is Officially a Google Partner

Google Ads Certified Agency Becomes Google Partner

Have you seen our footer lately? BigOrange Marketing is pleased to announce we have received our Google Partner badge. This demonstrates that we have the latest Google Ads expertise and are Google Ads certified, which in turn drives more leads to our clients.

There are three criteria to receive this partnership:


     1. Performance


     2. Spend


     3. Certifications

The optimization score threshold required for the performance factor is 70 percent. We are proud to have a score of over 95 percent, indicating that we’ve set up our clients’ accounts to perform well. The spend requirement is based on the resources given to Google Ads during a 90 calendar-day period. We’ve managed the required amount in ad spend, which shows our ability to help clients consistently identify new growth opportunities and sustain their success. The third requirement necessitates certification of team members in Search, Display or Video. Google’s professional accreditations are offered to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in Google Ads.

Benefits of being a certified partner include advanced training through the Google Partners Academy, resources to foster diversity and inclusion in the work environment plus insight reports from Google.

Our team members have worked diligently to achieve this milestone. Thanks to our proficiency in being Google Ads certified, we are able to target customers for our clients and bring them through the sales funnel more efficiently. When clients partner with us, they can choose for our team to manage their Google Ads, from creative copy writing to budget implementation and management. Let us put our Google Ads skills to work for you: Become our partner by starting with a free consultation.

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Paula Rae Forastiero has more than 27 years of experience in digital communications, marketing and media within the healthcare and technology industries. She holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Policy and has worked for media companies, patient-education providers, SAAS providers and agencies. She is an expert in many areas of digital marketing, including strategy, content (strategy, writing, editing), media (strategy, planning, tagging & tracking, running campaigns) and digital product development (UI, UX, Business Requirements, QA). She is our lead content and web strategist.

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