Our first Squeeze the Day Webinar premiered on May 7th. In this blog post, we review three of the major take-aways. You’ll find the last four ideas in our next blog post

#1 Pivot

If you somehow live under a rock and are unaware of the current crisis, here’s your heads-up that times are changing. Your message should change with it. Update the core message on your website now to show empathy and understanding of life under our current circumstances. One upside: Due to increased time indoors, digital content consumption rate is at mind-blowing levels. 

Try this: Write down one content idea your blog or social media could share for the post COVID world. Set a time with your team to brainstorm how to get that idea out to your audience.

#2 CRM Power Up

You need a customer relationship management system (CRM) for lead management and outreach. Free versions are available if you want to dip your toe into using a CRM. We are a HubSpot partner, and we highly recommend the platform to clients. 

Already have a CRM? Jump in with a sales outreach sequence that shares your content in a “give” way, instead of an “ask” way. Create filters to help you leverage old contacts and reach out with an empathetic email. Ask contacts if they are happy with their current service providers. If not, maybe they could consider switching to your company. 

Now’s a good time to take a training class to update your knowledge and understanding of your current CRM. Marketing automation can be your friend. Try to set up at least one marketing automation to eliminate something you do manually today. 

What is one thing you could create an email outreach sequence around? Could you reach out to old contacts and catch up?

#3 Webinars

It may be a while before networking events in person return. Webinars allow you to share information with multiple existing clients for customer touch. For sales support, they help make you the go-to expert in your area. Webinars also provide a short-cut for creating a piece of content on a regular basis, while providing three reasons for outreach: invitation, reminder and follow-up. (In your emails, remember to include the link to allow people to book a meeting with you.) 

Don’t let choosing between webinar platforms get in the way: Zoom and Crowdcast work equally well. Just flip a coin and save yourself some time. 

What topic would your current clients and prospects like to hear about? Commit to a monthly webinar now.

We hope these marketing tips will energize you to act now. For more tips, head over to our next blog post.