Recap: 7 Juicy Marketing Ideas to Drive Growth and Position You for the Recovery (Part 2)

digital marketing tips for the rebound

In our last blog post, we covered three juicy marketing tips from our first Squeeze the Day Webinar. Here are four more digital marketing tips for the rebound to set you up for success.

4. Create One Lead Magnet 

Need more leads? Offer something of value to visitors in exchange for their contact information. This is sometimes called a transitional offer or sales funnel. It’s a great way for potential clients or customers to get to know you without long-term commitment. Infographics, checklists, ebooks, videos and slide downloads are all effective lead magnets.

Build one funnel idea to support your sales efforts as an asset to share or a way to capture leads. For instance, what is a “cheat sheet” idea you could create for your company’s web visitors?

5. Get Busy Targeting

Is there a niche in your future? Identify a niche where you perform extremely well and find out if there organizations in that niche you can join to get access to lists of contacts. If you are looking to purchase a list for one-to-one outreach, InfoUSA or Lead Kahuna may be the way to go. However, NEVER mass email to a purchased list. Reach out individually. You may also want to leverage the services of a virtual assistant to send sales outreach emails (like invites to your new webinar.)

What organization could you join that would have a list of association members?

6. Don't Forget Google Gardening

Google is crucial to your business. It is not enough to claim your Google My Business. You have to tend to your Google presence. Do this by maximizing all relevant data points, monitoring for false listings or info, posting updates and images and researching competitors and links through Google Search Console.

Do you have processes to capture good Google reviews from your clients? Write one out now and put in place so those reviews can start coming in.

7. Pay to Play 

Right now, your money goes further with paid campaigns. If you’re considering this route, try one (or more) of these:

  • Google Search ads,
  • Facebook boosted posts or Facebook ad campaigns
  • Content discovery campaigns (like Outbrain, Taboola or Nativo)
  • LinkedIn (primarily for B2B ads)

Think about Google, Facebook or LinkedIn ads. Do you have an offer where you could drive leads today?

8. Bonus Tip: Leverage Testimonials

A lot of businesses are finding themselves with a little more time on their hands than usual, which may mean your clients have a few minutes to talk. Use that time to request testimonials from your current customers or clients.

Who could you call today to chat with about the benefits of your services?

If you’re interested in putting your best marketing foot forward but feel overwhelmed, contact us. We put the digital marketing tips for the rebound into practice every day. We would be happy to discuss your needs in a no-obligation consultation.

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