SEO Strategy Made Simple: 10 Must-Do Steps for IT Services/MSP Firms

SEO Strategy for IT Services and MSP Firms

BigOrange Marketing supports SEO strategy in everything we do. One of our unique selling points is that we are able to practice StoryBrand message simplification with a robust SEO strategy. We see many who do not bring SEO optimization to story messaging. Here are the essential steps to a successful SEO Strategy for IT Services/ MSP Firms in the highly competitive marketplace of 2021. 

1. SEO Optimized Websites

Our SEO strategy starts with keyword research, competitive analysis and development of an SEO strategy. This strategy is presented in your third meeting with BOM, which is also your competitive analysis meeting.

    1. Output is a keyword strategy doc 
    2. Keyword strategy execution according to your sitemap

2. Content SEO Strategy

Our content strategy allows us to chip away methodically at your keywords by adding longer-tail keywords to pages on your website. Any page can win for SEO from case studies to blog posts to core pages. 

    1. Output is a 6-month content plan with keywords for review

3. Consistent Content Execution Done For You

Each month we create content for your review against the content plan. Each blog page strategically links to a core page to build the ranking of your core pages. For example, a blog titled “Disaster Recovery Tips for 2021” would support a core service page on disaster recovery and it would link to that core page in the first few paragraphs. 

4. Industry and Location Support

With all of the competition in IT services/MSPs today from big players, plus mom and pop shops, we know that industry-specific and location-specific pages provide the best opportunities to be found organically.

    1. Output: Each month we add at least one industry page or location-specific page.

5. Link Building

We work with our other clients and industry trade publications to support adding links to your website. Sometimes we use “white hat” services to purchase high quality links from services like OutReachFrog

6. Local SEO

After website launch we set up a Local SEO program such as BrightLocal to update all your name, address, phone number (NAP) listings in all of the places that point to you today. These could include the Yellow Pages, Yelp and, which matters in the IT industry. 

7. Google Reviews

Google reviews matter to your search rankings. We will work with you to develop a process with your internal team to request reviews when good CSAT feedback comes in. If this can not happen with internal resources, we will look into a text review system to support obtaining reviews.

8. Monitoring and Improvement

We use BrightLocal to track our overall rankings, plus we report on 10 chosen keyword combinations on our progress each month (IT services in Atlanta, Tampa IT support, managed IT services, cyber security, cloud migration). Additional tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Spyfu provide insights into a complete SEO picture. We may be changing our monitoring tools soon to consolidate.  

9. Recommendations

We know what it takes to succeed and have seen great results for companies your size and in growth mode. We will strongly recommend off-page tactics such as giving talks at local chambers of commerce, which provide links back to your website.

10. Industry Outreach

We will strongly encourage you to join industry groups (CPAs, law groups, manufacturing groups) to become active in those communities for links as well. We suggest submitting content to HARO for links back and more. We will also want to support your sales team in active outreach to industry specific targets.

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With more than 15 years of experience in technical and manufacturing marketing, Emelia has a passion for designing digital and inbound marketing plans that drive results. She serves as BigOrange's Director of Project Management, providing strategic direction for the firm's growing number of clients.

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